Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wrapping up

I swear this is the last 100% marathon focused post...most likely :) I'm going into some minutiae I'd like to capture for future races, but it gets a little boring, just a heads up.

First, there were dozens of photographers on the course, and they managed to captured THIS FACE? Seriously? Also observe my shorts uncomfortably creeping... which brings me to my first topic!
I wore the cute new Nike tech shirt from Megan, deemed a success after one run this week, my usual Oakley sunglasses, some Nike shorts I've had since at least 2005, Feetures socks, my Mizunos, my Garmin, a headband from these folks (they put clips INSIDE the headband... genius), and a Moving Comfort sports bra that has been the shining star of my marathon training. That sucker keeps everything locked and loaded. Since I've lost some weight over the course of training, all my normal sports bras have gotten just a little too big.. which in sports bra-ese means they totally don't do their job anymore. Oh, and very importantly. an iFitness running belt. I did the dumb, rookie marathoner thing of buying something at the expo then relying on it the very next day... thank goodness, the internet did not lie about that belt.. it stayed in place! That is something I cannot say for any other belt in the history of belts. Also, it held 6 gels, which was perfect, and my phone was secure in its cool pocket. So clutch.
Some thoughts on what I wore: I was alternately hot and freezing in long sleeves, depending on how hard I was running and whether I was in the shade or not. My shorts rode up hardcore for the first 2 miles or so, and after that either I ignored them or they stayed in place, whatever, I don't remember noticing them. My iFitness belt took a lot of adjusting the first couple miles also, but then it stayed in place and was amazing. Garmin was great, well behaved, but minor detail- my race is not on my watch!!! Ummmm seriously? Unless I somehow magically cleared it with all the flopping around I did after finishing, that is just silly. I wish I had that on record.
Oh yeah, a whole category about chafing. Don't worry, not too much TMI. I put bodyglide under the straps of my bra, around my ribcage, and inner thighs. That's it. Did the trick. The only marks I have are rub marks from my gels/fuel belt on both hips. Minor, pencil eraser sized cuts, nothing major.
The day before the race I didn't eat a lot because I was sort of nervous. I had a big breakfast of crepes and eggs, then some coffee, a pretzel, apple, peanuts, snacks at the expo, and Olive Garden for dinner around 7pm. I had pasta with red sauce, a breadstick and some salad. Nothing too exciting. Then when I got home, I had 2 glasses of wine with Nick and some Reeses ice cream.
Nobody's perfect. Both the wine and the ice cream calmed my nerves and made me happy.
Morning of, I had a banana at about 5am, 2 hardboiled eggs and some Cheerios. My normal breakfast.  We stopped for some terribly watered down coffee, then got on Metro. At 7:40 or so I had half a crunchy granola bar and a Gu with caffeine (Jet Blackberry, if you must know).
During the race drank a cup of water and a Gatorade at each water stop (every 2 miles). I had a Gu every 4 miles and I swear those things saved my life. I could feel myself fading for the last mile or so before eating it. Whether that was mental or not, who knows, they did the trick. I did not eat any of the stuff on the course, even the beer in Crystal City, although I did dream briefly about how fizzy and wonderful it would be. I was a little thirsty a couple times during the race, but I also felt like my stomach was sloshing after each water stop, so I'm thinking my hydration level was just fine.
Food afterwards was lame, although my appetite is back now with a vengeance.
I didn't bring any. I know, how can I run almost 5 hours without music when I had been training with it? Well, I did. I knew there would be sights and sounds on the course, and I really didn't want to miss anything. At the start line they played LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" and Maroon 5's "Moves like Jagger." Full disclosure, I LOVE pop music, and those 2 songs will forever be linked to standing at that starting line with 20,000 other people and bouncing around in the 38 degree weather. That moment is so vivid. I heard those songs a couple other times on the course too, once in Georgetown and once in Hains point and it was like the stars aligned for me. So fun.
I think that's it? I know I'll have more thoughts, but I just needed to have a thorough brain dump so for future marathons I have some reference about what worked and what did not.
Here's a picture of me looking like I'm about to cry. I might have been.
Shameful posture, Laurel.
Today's soreness level is like a 3 out of 10. I'm gonna run somewhere around 5 miles tonight with Nick, because Monica's Pile on the Miles challenge started this week and I've gotta get 5 miles in before Friday morning! Yikes! I'll definitely walk as much as I need to, but I'm excited to get out and run again.
Happy Wednesday!

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