Monday, November 28, 2011


Oy. So working today is pretty rough. I've got the double whammy of holidayweekenditis and ihaveavacationin6days syndrome. I'm uber distracted.

Thanksgiving was glorious... I had veggie enchiladas with my parents and Nick on Wednesday, Thanksgiving feast #1 with my parents, Nick, and family friends on Thursday, and feast #2 with Nick's family on Friday. The vegetarian friendly highlights? Veggie enchiladas with my family, dolma (stuffed grape leaves) on Thursday, and steamed asparagus with parmesan on Friday. Also, the wine and beer. Those were good too.

Fun fact: not all beer is vegetarian!

Beer (and cider & wine) has everything from:
  • albumin: derived from eggs or dried blood
  • casein/caseinate: derived from milk
  • charcoal: sometimes derived from bone
  • colourings: sometimes derived from insects
  • glyceryl monostearate: an anti-foaming agent that sometimes is an animal derivative
  • isinglass: swim bladders from fish
  • lactose and lactobacillus (lactic acid)
  • gelatin: made from bones, skins and tendons
  • pepsin: a heading agent sometimes derived from pork
  • sugar: white sugar is often whitened using bone charcoal [source]
  • Yikes.

    Also yikes- I ran not one, but two Turkey Trots on Thursday morning before eating. The first was a 5K that my friend's family has been doing for years. It was in downtown DC, meaning Nick and I had to get up bright and early to get to the race. I got a 5K PR!!!

     461 193/918   3709 Laurel          27:44  8:56
    8:56/mile? Hell yeah! I know it's not "fast" but it's fast for me! It was a really fun race. Nick also ran like lightning and finished in under 22 minutes! He's my idol :) Here's a pic I took as we started our run toward the Capitol (faintly seen in the background):

    The second Trot was a 5 miler that started less than 30 minutes after we finished with the first race. We drove quickly (thankfully Thanksgiving morning means no cars on the road) to Alexandria, only to get stuck on side roads with a stop sign every block. It was almost 10:10 when we finally got to the race and got our bibs on. We crossed the start line and were behind everyone- walkers, stroller folks, and even the emergency vehicle that signalled the end of the racers...oops? We started picking people off, and enjoying running together without a concern about time or distance. We finished that race in 51 minutes flat. It was the furthest Nick has ever run in a day, so that's pretty cool. Then we got to go celebrate by eating a lot!

    We stayed up with Nick's family in NJ on Friday night and then headed to Atlantic City. I've never been to AC, and also have never been to a casino, so it was great. A highlight/lowlight was going to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, after being excited to see on their website that they had a special vegetarian friendly food option- choose your own side veggies and they'll plate them nicely so you won't feel silly ordering being delivered 4 different side dishes on individual plates. Nick got a steak that he really enjoyed, and my food was delicious! And then we got the bill and my meal was about the same price as his enormous steak... I didn't think it was fair that my veggies cost $40. After grouching a little about that, we headed to Caesar's and played poker and slots until the wee hours of the morning, then wandered around trying to find somewhere to relax and have a drink or dance before bed. Instead, we found still-busy club with insanely overpriced drinks and headed back to the hotel. We were in bed somewhere around 3am... I am too old for that nonsense!

    Sunday was a long, slow drive home. Today I'm tired and generally icky feeling due to lack of sleep and too much carousing over the long weekend. I'm going to eat extra healthy and sleep as much as possible so I get to feeling at least a little more energetic for the cruise... we leave Saturday! Ahhh!

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