Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Twenty Thoughts Tuesday

Because I'm feeling random.

1. I get to go to 2 Thanksgivings this week! Yay! First is with family friends on Thursday, and the second is on Friday with Nick's family.

2. It's also my brother's birthday this week and my mom is making a big dinner for him on Wednesday night... special meals all around!

3. I'm making this cheesecake for Thursday to take over to our friends' house. It is amazing and I'll glaze some strawberries and throw them on top. It is nice and dense.. I can't stand fluffy cheesecake.

4. Nick and I made black bean dip for a get-together this weekend. It was completely spur of the moment and it was great.

5. I've taken 3 days off from big-E Exercise (or big-W Working out) and it's kind of amazing.

6. Why does "exercise" sound like such a lame word compared to "working out"?

7. I got laser hair removal done on my underarms and bikini line yesterday and I feel like a hot poker was stuck in both places (you're welcome for the visual!). Not pleasant, but totally worth it for the cruise.

8. Less than 12 days until the cruise!!! AHHHH!  Here's a countdown page in case you want to countdown along with me.

9. I have no idea what I'm bringing on the cruise.

10. Here's a random pic from my run last week. I was wearing a new headband (I usually wear sleek earmuffs), sunglasses and headphones, and I felt like a tool.

11. Still chugging along with the ridiculous iron intake, we're on day 12... nothing to report really, I feel fine but not different. I've already used up one bottle of iron, this guy:

12. Taking iron does all the unpleasant gastrointestinal stuff that the internet says it does... I have not felt like myself for the last 12 days.

13. By "not felt like myself" I mean I have been eating way less frequently since I'm nauseous a lot. I'm not super happy about the nausea but I'm pleased with not being ravenous all the time. Maybe my appetite is back to a normal person's since I'm not running as much? Amazing!

14. Christmas idea from SkinnyRunner: someone please get me this, made from my MCM bib. So cool! I would use them all those times when I'm sitting on my couch, leisurely drinking a glass of water. Jk, that'll never happen.

15. Yeah.. still barely sitting on my expensive furniture. Oh well... money shmoney.

16. I had a book club for work that met this week and we had planned on having finished Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Uh yeah, that book is 1100 pages long, and it is dense. I am REALLY liking it, but it's tough to power through. Luckily, everyone else had either barely started or not finished it either, so I was in good company. We talked about how we're going to finish it before the end of January... hopefully.

17. Just dropped a baby carrot on the floor and cried a tear because these carrots are rocking my world right now. I could probably go rinse it off but that would make too much sense. Trash it is.

18. Everytime I go to Whole Foods I just end up wanting to buy everything and make amazing food. But then I realize there's a reason people call it Whole Paycheck. Sigh.

19. If I were unemployed and had sufficient money and sufficient time (i.e., not raising kids all time) I'd make so much food.

20.  This week is going slow as molasses....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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