Thursday, November 3, 2011


From what I read on other blogs, it seems like a lot of people suck at rest days/taking it easy. I think I might suck the most though? My legs are still not 100% from the race (not even 80%... probably somewhere in the low 70s). I have been dealing with soreness, which is totally expected and I was totally ok with, but I decided to treat it like every day normal post workout sorness and run it out.

I'm not smart.

I went out with Nick yesterday, after warning him that I was tired and sore and not to expect any miracles from me. We sloowwwwlllyyy jogged about 2.25 miles, and the whole time my left calf felt like this:

Or like this, plus extra twisting and minus the adorableness... PS if I came back to my hotel room to find precious towel swans, but my pillows were tossed about willy-nilly, I would not be pleased.
The arch of my left foot also hurt. Like this:
I frowned.

During the second half of the run, we did some run/walking which I always feel bad about because 1) we were cold and running would have warmed us nicely, and 2) I don't like to feel pokey. Again, I'm not smart. Pain (real pain) is an indicator that you're doing something your body doesn't like. So quit it.

You're might be thinking, "hey, I really hope Laurel takes a rest day today and gives that calf the TLC it needs!" Well I will do no such thing. I will go swimming, where I will take it relatively easy (just a mile, swearsies), and then soak in the hot tub. See? Soaking! That's rest! I have a fun 5K on Saturday for my dad's birthday, so I won't run at all between now and then. And I'll take ibuprofen and drink water and be a responsible human being. Promise.

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