Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm getting faster?

Nick just discovered this neat site called Athlinks. It keeps all your old race times and catalogs them by race type or sport (e.g. triathlons). Neat.

Taking a gander at my 5k results from the last few years:

28:32 (Saturday)- 9:12/mile
30:15 (May)- lotsa minutes/mile
~29something (results nowhere online.. boo)
26:42 (last December)- 8:41/mile
29:19- (2009 and 2010 Thanksgiving Day races)- 9:20/mile

So, clearly my peak was last December, but I also ran on Saturday on some weak legs that still aren't totally recovered. And it was cold. And I was grumpy. So that's worth at least 30 seconds/mile?

I blame anemia for being "slow" and for feeling draggy during runs, but from the looks of it, I'm pretty consistent/maybe getting faster. So either it's all mental that I feel cruddy during training runs, or 5K is a short enough distance that I'm able to power through. Hmm.

The 5k Saturday, as you can see, was kind mediocre. My legs were sore, tight, and angry. My left calf still ached (I walked ~5 miles with my mom on Friday and felt fine), and also my left hip, either from sleeping on it funny or compensating for my other assorted aches and pains. My dad and Nick were there, which was great because it was so cold I don't know if I would have gotten out of the car if the choice had been left up to me. I warmed up by bouncing around on my toes. Fact: you get 0% warmer by bouncing around, but you look 150% sillier. The race itself was alright except for a really terrible woman who finished ahead of me, came back on the course, yelled at me "HEAD UP, SHOULDERS BACK" and when I gasped "thanks!," because, really, encouragement is nice, even if it's annoying, she said "NO TALKING!" Are you serious? She then proceeded to catch up with her friend who was right behind me, and cheer her on by yelling about how tired I looked. Ugh. She might have won, but she lost so many points for being a jackass.

In the end, I ran pretty hard although my level of exertion did not match my time. Nick got 3rd place in his age group!!! That is so cool! He's super quick... I like to attribute that to the long, slow walk/run combos we've been doing lately. They're clearly showing results.

Saturday night I went and did a murder mystery/ziplining combo with a group of work people. It sounds weird, and it was. Regardless, we won! That means we get a free giant swing or zipline to use at some point in the future. Super cool. I had never done anything like that before. It was a great experience. Nick took pictures but it was dark out, so I don't think any of them really turned out. Bummer.

And yesterday was yard work, glorious yard work. I'm sore today from all this weekend's activities but looking forward to getting back to a normal, stress free workout schedule that doesn't revolve around racing and involves a lot more cross training... too bad Daylight Savings time will be taking away my evenings. Grumble.

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