Monday, November 14, 2011


Subtitle: Avocados are for weird people.

I didn't officially have Friday off, but I have vacation days to spend so I ended up taking the day off and Nick and I went to DC. He's was in the Navy for 9 years and the Newseum was having a special where Veterans got in free all weekend. Since I was his guest, I got in free too.. that is excellent because normally it's $20/person! I love cheap entertainment. We had a great time at the museum and were super hungry when we were done (although I brought these to snack on all day... those cookies are so ridiculously yummy), so we tried to grab dinner downtown, in DC, on a Friday. Yeah, poor planning. Luckily, we were hungry early, so we managed to get seated immediately at Rosa Mexicano. I've heard good things about this place. We ordered guacamole because it was their "signature." In the past, I've been pretty unenthusiatic about guac, but I figured I'd give it a try. It was a chunky, bland concoction with some humongous, hard chunks of avocado. Lame. I really don't get what all the excitement about guac is, or how people use whole avocados as garnishes for their salads and sandwiches, I just don't like them. My actual meal was yummy, so no complaints there.

Saturday was uneventful. Nick and I lazed about, went for a nice walk (the weather was gorgeous all weekend), and got dinner with my folks. We went to Outback and I got a big cobb salad, minus chicken and bacon and plus lots of brown bread. Delish. We also went to Whole Foods, where, for the sake of experimentation (and because I was hungry), I attempted to eat guacamole yet again. I'm such a trooper. It was still unimpressive.

Sunday is where things got interesting. I had been at Nick's since Friday, and went home to get some cooking supplies and clean clothes. I was sitting at my computer when I heard an animal scurrying around in a duct INSIDE MY HOUSE. I started freaking out a little because although my house is full of weird and annoying noises, this one sounded super close to where I was sitting. I investigated just a little before calling Nick and my dad and demanding that someone come over and find the animal, because otherwise I imagined it either 1) escaping from wherever it was stuck and attacking me in my sleep or 2) dying and making my house smell like dead rodent/bird for the next 8 months I'm living there.

My dad graciously came to my house and we located the stuck animal in the exhaust vent for my oil heater. After lots of fussing and muscling the vent apart, we discovered this little guy was stuck inside (we had been debating whether it was a bird or a rodent... my dad voted rodent because it wasn't making bird noises. I voted bird because I really didn't want to discover an angry possum when the duct was taken apart):

So cute! We managed to get him out safely (my dad used a long handled soup spoon.. creative!). Here is his last photo before he got released back into freedom:

I'm going to talk to my landlady about making sure there's a cover installed on my vent so that doesn't happen again. It scared me, but more importantly the little birds and animals could get hurt.

Here's hoping for a less eventful Monday!

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