Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The final push

Subtitle: why did I choose to go on a cruise 10 days after the biggest eating holiday of the year?

All week, in addition to feeling meh from the iron supplementation of death (I started taking another brand last night and I have had non-stop raging heartburn ever since... too bad calcium, in Tums, blocks iron absorption... bah) I have also felt icky from a way indulgent weekend. I certainly don't regret having a great time with my family, Nick, and his family, but wow... we pretty much ate and drank (and ate and drank) our way along the mid-Atlantic. I'm a bit of an overanalyzer (read: I'm whiny) about how I physically feel, so I tend to be a little sensitive to the inevitable bloatiness that comes from deviating from my normal eating and workout schedules. Lame. I am just not super psyched about wearing a swimsuit 24/7 starting Sunday, but that is mostly me being neurotic. I know once I get there and get all hopped up on Vitamin D I'll feel way better. Right now I'm just wigging out about a little bit of puffiness.

To combat the puffiness I have been working out extra special and eating as cleanly and consistently as possible. A.k.a. this is not the most exciting week ever. I did some tv workouts on Monday (kickboxing and a toning one), and last night I did intervals on the treadmill! Holy cow, speedwork without a gun to my head? Miracle. I did 10 x 200 at 7.5, not too speedy but they felt comfortable. I actually definitely could have gone a ltitle faster at the end or done one or 2 more, but I'm running tonight so I didn't want to stress out my legs and feet too much. I ellipticaled and biked afterwards.

Tonight is a run with Nick and then errands errands errands! My packing is actually going really well. I only need to get various toiletries and pack my running clothes (which are not clean yet) and shoes (which for some reason are my nemesis).

I'm sooooo ready to be on this cruise. I'm really looking forward to seeing what it is like, since I'm still a little baffled by the whole idea of 10 days on a boat. I'm also excited for the super cool islands we will get to explore, such as a hike to the top of a volcano on St. Kitts. And hopefully I'll come back feeling relaxed and stress-free.

I'm going HERE!!!! AHH!

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