Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daylight savings

Since the whole Daylight Savings thing happened on Sunday, I've been confused about what time it is. I know this happens every year and it's disorienting for everyone, but I think every year it surprises me a little, like, hey, I forgot how fun it is to drive to work when it's almost light out. And I also forgot how un-fun it is to leave work when it's getting dark.

This is just an excuse to write about how bad I want this jacket:

Size medium. I already tried it on. Do you see the cute thumb things for keeping my hands warm and comfortable? It's for my own safety! Thanks in advance, blogosphere.

Monday I did the elliptical and bike at the gym then a sort of wussy weights session. Yesterday I tried extra hard to run. I got into work extra early, so left around 3:45 and was home and in running clothes about 4:15... and the sun was already setting rapidly. The official sunset time was around 4:46 yesterday. I wasn't trying to do tons of miles, but 30 minutes is just not a lot of time. I ended up running for 40 minutes (no Garmin, just a stopwatch... liberating). I got pretty chilly towards end. I felt safe enough, since it was basically light out the whole time I was outside, but it definitely would have helped to be a tad more visible (hint hint).

My legs are feeling about 95% back to good. My right arch still aches but seems to be getting better. As far as my insane appetite, that lingers on...

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