Thursday, October 6, 2011


I had a happy hour yesterday. This girl drank only water. No Booze-tober is a resounding success (shutupiknowitsonlythe6th)!  It helped that I had fun people to talk to and a baked potato covered in cheese. Covered. In. Cheeseeeeee. Delish.

I was semi-starving after my workout yesterday, which was short and sweet. Or at least short. I biked 5.8 miles in 25 minutes then still had energy so I ran a half mile at the end at a 9:07 pace. It was one of my weirder workouts. When you're training for a triathlon, those are called 'brick' workout because your legs feel like a brick during them- I had forgotten how hard it is to transition from biking motion to running motion.

And I took this pic:

So the tiny black dots on my shirt and chest? Those are bugs. During my run on Tuesday I had them ALL over my face, in my nose and mouth. The pic is from yesterday, when they mostly clung to my arms and stayed away from my face (because of angle of head during biking? Who knows). Yuck. Extremely yuck. They are gnats or something. Very tiny, and ubiquitous in my area. It's been cooler and dry for the last few days at least, but we had very warm and wet weather all last week, so maybe it's just the last of the little bugs? I am also running at dusk now, since the sun is going down so early, which is different, but still. Come on. Ick. I'm doing my long run indoors today because the bugs were uber distracting.

I get furniture today!!! I am not even kidding, my living room has had zero actual furniture in it. I will take before and after photos so everyone can be impressed by how grown up I am. I ordered the furniture 9 weeks ago, so hopefully I still like it... I think I bought a green couch?

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