Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The post about anemia.

Can we all just agree that since I'm tapering I have too much time on my hands and that's why all I do is read and write about anemia? K thanks.

New discovery: iron isn't absorbed as well when it's consumed with coffee. Gasp! Also, GRR! I consume 45 of my RDA of iron (today I had double, so that's 90%... can't be too careful) in the form of Cheerios. In the morning. With my coffee. So my options are to time my coffee intake or my cheerio intake differently. I need Cheerios to survive (I'm a breakfast girl 100000%), but I also need coffee to survive. CONUNDRUM.

I decided to delay my morning coffee to after my breakfast has been absorbed, so at least 8:30am, but long enough before lunch to not affect that absorption. My mid morning snack of an apple and string cheese is not affected because they only have about 0.28mg iron, combined.

My naturally obsessive personality isn't going to get any better if I have to think about stuff like this.

I'm feeling very energetic today and very much want to run tonight. I'm going to do a test run of the stuff Megan got me and a new Spibelt because I'm supposed to carry fuel with me while I run? Is this some new trend for me to learn? Nick has a pretty good plan for seeing me several times during the race, but I can't rely on him just in case we miss each other, so I'm going to bring 4 gels with me (we don't get a food station until mile 10, and then it's oranges... sticky.).


  1. Oranges were my favorite snack during LA marathon. And by then you won't care one bit about being sticky!!

  2. I love oranges I just have never thought of them as workout fuel! I am pretty sure I will eat and enjoy them because it'll be a nice distraction from all the running haha