Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Just meh overall. There's turmoil at work (again), meaning I potentially have to work weird hours. I keep finding spiders in my house. My 5 mile run yesterday was s-l-o-w. Bleh.

On the plus side, I've had some really wonderful and generous contributors to my fundraising goal for Back on My Feet. Nick found a statistics page that I hadn't seen before, and it is really inspiring:

Washington DC chapter

  • 5 shelters with BoMF programs
  • 5 teams with 47 male and female currently active members and alumni
  • 450+ volunteers
  • 112 members who have completed a competitive race
  • 21 members who have completed a half-marathon
  • 5 members who have completed a marathon
  • 2 members who have completed an ultra marathon
  • 29 members who have obtained more supportive housing
  • 47 members who have secured jobs
  • 57 members who have enrolled in job training programs or schooling
  • 83% of members in Next Steps
2 members finished an ULTRA marathon? Holy cow. I'm in awe. Reading these stats makes me even prouder to be running for Back on my Feet. I know my contributions will be valuable.

I mentioned I am hiking for 2 days on the Appalachian Trail this weekend. I'm really excited! Last night I went to the store and played a fun game- how much calorically dense food can I buy? Not my normal game, but it was super fun. I checked out this site for ideas. I really don't like the idea of freeze dried food, and I was afraid that would bite me on the butt because I'd end up bringing lots of dense, watery food. Two days without fresh fruit or veggies? Um no thanks. Then I thought about how hungry I am on a normal day (hint: very hungry), and added a heavy backpack and 7+ miles of hiking and realized I'm going to have to give into the light food forces and just go with it.

I bought:
-chocolate covered pretzels
-peanut butter cracker packs
-trail mixes (nuts, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries)
-granola bars

I plan on also drying some apples and bringing baby carrots as a weight splurge. I'll also take cheese and crackers. Yum. In reality, we're only hiking for 2 days, so it is not like we're going on a weeklong trip, but I don't want to totally throw my body off and come back next week feeling icky.

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