Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I can't stop talking about my weekend.




See the trend? I find it super funny that I have so many pictures of me in profile, gazing at a campfire. I look eactly the same in profile, even though I was 18 or 19 in the earlier pics and am 26 now. Frizzy hair is eternal.

Let's talk about my favorite parts about hiking/backpacking:
-My boyfriend likes it and has lots of the necessary supplies to do it successfully instead of me cobbling together the stuff.
-Cool people tend to backpack, so we met some neat folks along the way
-Bathing in the wild, in very cold, fresh water is exhilirating both for the sneakiness factor (in theory, I could have been seen... not a lot of voyeurs on the Appalachian Trail though) and the feeling like an outdoorswoman factor
-The bed in my house seems to have a lot less pull when I know it's 68 degrees outside of the covers versus 40some degrees like it was in the tent. 68 is balmy, get out of bed, Laurel.
-I love snacks, and you get to snack all day when hiking.
-it challenged me and used new muscles
-Beautiful views

Least favorite parts:
-sore hipbone, still, from sleeping on the ground (we didn't bring any squishy material for under the sleeping bags... lesson learned)
- I get bored. I spent my whole weekend walking, eating, and laying around talking about walking and eating. I am not good at relaxing, so I had to fight the feeling that I was being 'productive' by resting up after the day of hiking.
-Maybe using new muscles and challenging myself was not so good < 3 weeks before marathon time?

Today- last long run, even if it rains on me the whole time. Mother Nature won't stop me! (but I will run 5 mile loops so I don't get too far from home... )

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