Friday, October 7, 2011

Fully furnished

Subtitle: A camera phone is not a camera.

My furniture came yesterday... I bought it in early August. Ugh. Since early August, I have been living in a house with a living room that looks like this:

Super duper boring, yes. I didn't have anywhere to sit, so the TV had to be watched while sitting on the floor... that TV is brand new, and it has been turned on less than 10 times. Waste o' money. Now my living room looks like this:

Much better... excuse the blurriness. And the shoes on the floor. I bought a couch, 2 end tables, a coffee table, entertainment center, chair, ottoman and sofa table. Have you noticed how I say I'm never home? Yeah I'm kind of thinking buying all this stuff was a little unnecessary, and a lot expensive. I'm happy to have furniture but I kind of feel like it'll be wasted. Also, now my house smells uber chemically, and since I'm gone all weekend I don't want to leave the windows open. Ugh.

I ran last night. That is all I have to say about that. My tummy issues are so incredibly ridiculous. Evening runs just aren't working for me, but it is when I have time. I stopped earlier than I had hoped because my IT band was super achy. It still hurts something awful this morning, and I'm about to go backpacking for the next 2 days... sigh.

Only a 22 more days until the marathon...!!!!

I am excited about the hiking, but also nervous... Nick and I packed food last night, and my food consisted of (for 2 days):
-prepackaged crackers x 4
-trail mix x 2
-chocolate covered pretzels x 2
-Gu and sports beans x 4
-Kashi Go Lean bars x 2
-Granola bars x 4
-2 cans chickpeas, roasted

I counted the calories... I've got >2000 for each day... and it doesn't seem like nearly enough (even if I was in a low-cal mode, I'd be eating 1600 normally) with ~7 miles hiking plus elevation change. We'll see. If I undereat for 2 days, I am pretty sure I'll still survive.

Nick brought the following:
-Beef jerky x 2
-Dehydrated meals x 2
-Clif bar x 2


I am becoming certain he's an alien.

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