Friday, October 21, 2011

Final Countdown!

You should now be hearing that song in your head and imagining GOB performing his "illusions"... if you are, we are friends.

9 days till the marathon. 9 days until I run for probably somewhere around 5 hours. 9 days until I vomit in sight of each and every memorial in DC... I'm dreaming big on that one.


I see the doctor this afternoon to have her check out my IT band, again, after a week (nothing changed. still there. still hurts, here's your copay), and give me results of my blood work. If it turns out I'm super duper anemic or have hyperthyroidism or something along those lines, then at least I'll have a legitimate reason for my slowness. I'd like a reason. Is it bad I'm kind of hoping something is wrong with me?

I took yesterday off and went for a nice, but short walk with Nick. It was nice, but rest days kind of make me feel like a slug... I'm going to run 5ish with him today, take tomorrow off, and do a final "long" run of 8 miles on Sunday. That's the plan. Next week I'll be slugging it up on the couch...

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