Monday, October 17, 2011

Doctor, Doctor...

Give me the news!!!

Great now I have that stuck in my head. That's what I get for creativity with a post title...

My IT band has been aching terribly and I have been getting shooting pains a few miles into each and every run. I was getting fed up with it, so I went to the doctor on Friday just to feel like I was doing something to make it feel better. Her verdict? If I keep running, it will keep hurting and likely turn into an even bigger deal.

So what do I do? I go on a run with Nick that very afternoon. I never claimed to be smart. I'm also taking some mega doses of ibuprofen, running uber slow plus walking when I feel like it, and icing. I might go see a physical therapist this week, but since I have had an injured IT band before, I'm familiar with what to do to make it better. The physician also drew blood to test my iron and thyroid levels, as I told her I'm actually getting a lot slower in running (she asked how training was going overall). Of course, now I'm convinced I have hyperthyroidism (the symptoms are super vague.. everyone feels fatigued, right?).

13 days until the marathon and suddenly I decide to get all concerned about my aches and pains and fatigue. I ran 7 yesterday and felt pretty crappy, my knee was achy and I was tired.. but I did it anyways.

13 days until the marathon and I had a cupcake for my mid-morning snack. Again, never claimed to be smart. Plus I ate Halloween candy galore all weekend. Plus I drank wine galore all Friday night. Yum.

In more positive news, I used a LivingSocial deal for Whole Foods ($10 for $20 of food!) and spent $15. So really, I spent $25, including buying the deal. What did I get for that?
-4 pounds of green lentils
-~4 pounds of chickpeas
-Brown rice cakes
-Tofu Pups (cute name)
-Some cinnamon kettle corn that Nick fell in love with

Last night I attempted lentil soup. The following sequence of events happened.
-Prep, get out my container of veggie broth, slice onion, zucchini, garlic, bell pepper
-Sautee veggies in olive oil, add ~4 cups of veggie broth, tons of curry powder, and cumin
-Add 'some' lentils. Mix.
-Wait 10 minutes. return to find my lentils have soaked up ALL the moisture and are quickly becoming a paste.
-Thank the pantry gods for letting me having veggie bouillon cubes a plenty
-Add 8 bouillon cubes and 8 cups of water
-Simmer for about 4 hours

It turned out pretty great, Nick was a fan and it made my house smell delicious. Even with all the water additions, it was still not incredibly soupy. Also, we have enough for dinner, twice, and 3 lunches for me. So, 7 meals total! Awesome.

Today is swimming and hopefully not breaking my knee any further.

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