Tuesday, October 25, 2011

AnemiaGirl Fights back!

In the long run (haha.. get it? marathons are long runs. I'm awesome), it totally won't matter, but my dinner last night consisted of:

2 Boca burgers: 10% iron x 2 = 20%
2 servings of peas: 6% iron x 2= 12%
~1 serving of brown rice: 4 % iron x 1= 4%
= 36%.

...some perspective- the package of peanut butter + fakey-orange crackers I had before swimming was 8% of my iron... and 200 throwaway calories. What has this world come to? Can't I eat healthy plus get a boatload of iron? No? And don't start on me with 'Just add blackstrap molasses to oatmeal!' because that sentence makes me nauseous. If I'm going to choke down oatmeal, which I'm most certainly not, it will not have sugary nonsense involved. Sigh.

What's that? You've been longing for a poorly lit mirror self portrait of me wearing a tech shirt and work pants? Well, you are in luck!

I came home yesterday to a package and it was open before I got in the door.. it's 50 yards from my mailbox to my house, it would have been silly to wait those 10 seconds... 

Sweaty Bands with "26.2" printed on it PLUS a long sleeve super cute technical tee from Megan!!!! She recently moved to Atlanta and got me this shirt from a local running store. I LOVE IT. I tried them both on, although I did wait until I got in the house to change.
Success!!! The headband feels really comfy already (although I'm normally dubious, the interwebs seem wild and crazy about the things, and Megan heard the same). The slogan on the back of the shirt is also the slogan for the Annapolis 10-miler.. although I am pretty sure Atlanta has better heat and humidity than Annapolis. But the A10 might have them beat on hills.

I'm going to try out both these items during a short run tomorrow and make sure they'll work, and if they do I'm going to wear them Sunday :) I can't wait... new clothes get me pretty excited.

Last night I swam somewhere around 1300 meters.. maybe 1400... it was 30 minutes, I know that. I felt alright. Last week, during swimming, my arms felt like my legs do during running, which was alarming. I want to not feel this crappy. This week was a little better, but who knows if that's mental or I'm actually retaining some nutrients.

Today is an evil evil rest day. I slept icky last night (restless legs syndrome is tied to anemia... please go away, stupid anemia, so I can sleep), so I guess it's for the best that I'm resting. I'm also STARVING, even though I had a big dinner and my usual breakfast (plus extra cheerios for extra special iron!).

5 days.

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