Tuesday, October 4, 2011


VERY delayed in posting this. So.. this is what happened last Wednesday night!

18.1 (plus some uncounted walking for a long while at the end). Not even close to 26.2, but I'll take it.

On Wednesday night I ran on the treadmill for over 3 hours. Then I got in my tub at home, surrounded by ice and cold water. I now love 2 things I didn't think I would ever love: ice baths and Gu. I love Gu because I am certain I felt a difference after taking it during the long run. I'd be dragging, then take one and feel at least a little bit better. Good feeling. I have one at the beginning of my run and then one every 4 miles. Since I'll also be having gatorade during the race (and other treats! Munchkins at Mile 24 sound like a realllllly terrible idea... sorry Dunkin Donuts, I'm not sure I can handle when I still have 2 miles to go...), I'm not sure how I'll handle carbs just yet. I might play it by ear, but that's basically tummy roulette... no one wins that game.

Speaking of tummy issues... (TMI alert) I had some fairly minor GI stuff throughout that run but the major event was a lot of upchucking at mile 13. I guess I drank too much water? I felt a lot better after that, and kept water to smaller portions towards the end of the run (I might have been chugging up until then...). I'll totally be that runner during the marathon puking on the sideline. Cute.

Warning: spider pic ahead.



I warned you. This big fellow was hiding behind my scale! Yikes! I considered putting him in a cup and tossing him outside, but the thought of knowing that he was still out there, somewhere, secretly wanting to be hiding in my bathroom disturbed me. So he met his end and I'm pretty ok with reducing the huge, scary spider population by one member.

Now, to what happened this weekend!
Nick and I left Friday to drive to upstate New York (Saratoga Springs area). He used to live up there and I had a wedding. On Saturday, we went hiking and I got this:

It's a gnarly bruise on my shin. I got that from sliding down a rock on my tummy instead of climbing down it. My first 'real' hiking experience was a rainy one, but Nick and I still had a good time. We got to the peak and it was misting/raining. I swore I felt freezing rain, and when we got back to the car (I think the elevation change was around 1000 feet), the car thermometer said it was in the low 40's.. so there definitely could have been freezing rain.

Sunday was the wedding for a grad school friend and I got to see folks I hadn't seen in years- awesome! The wedding was beautiful but COLD. It was outside, and of course I didn't anticipate this and ended up not having a coat. I am silly. I borrowed a pullover from Nick and a sweater from a friend and survived... barely. We came back on Monday, leaving before 7am so I could get back in time to teach class. I was flustered, dropped something on the ground when I got out of my car, and stood back up as the car door was swinging closed, and got this:

Ok... so it doesn't look like anything except a shadow of a bump on my forehead, but it feels awful, vaguely headachey whenever I raise my eyebrows. Also, I feel incredibly silly and I'm really hoping it doesn't bruise, so there's that too.

Um.. 26 days until marathon, maybe I could stop hurting myself soon?

The week ahead is a lot of work, a happy hour (right at the beginning of no-drinking October... lame), a longish run (not going all out this week- I'm thinking 16-18 this week), and then leaving Friday AGAIN for a backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail in central Virginia. Exciting but nerve-wracking since I'll be going to the middle of the wilderness for 2 days and have to carry all my food and water with me... do you have any idea how much I eat and drink? Heavy stuff.

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