Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Updates, shmupdates

So, there is a a 50% chance that if I'm not blogging, it is because I'm not running. The other 50% of the time, I am too busy to even breathe, let alone blog. Yeah, I know, life is hard.

Example 1: I wrote 'eat lunch' on my to-do list. Seriously. Forgetting/not setting aside time to eat is something I've done the past couple weeks for pretty much the first time in my life. It's not like I don't get hungry, because I surely do, but I have been falling into the 'just one more thing and then I'll go eat lunch' trap far more frequently lately.

Example 2, a relative of example 1: I had popcorn, peas and cottage cheese for dinner 2 nights ago. I mixed the peas and the cottage cheese to minimize time between bowl and tummy. I'm a master of efficiency.

But really, this upcoming weekend is the 3rd out 4 back-to-back weekends that I won't be home at least one of the nights. 2 weekends ago was Emily's wedding (one night away in Annapolis), last weekend one night was spent in New Jersey, this weekend I've got 3 nights in upstate New York (another wedding!), and next weekend is 2 nights camping in Virginia. I'm also in week 3 of 7 of teaching my first college course and working some weird hours.

Phew. Here's some pictures to help you recover from the sympathy tiredness you should now be feeling towards me.

 The sunset last night. Cuh-razy. The actual colors were intensely contrasting, there were blues and pinks. Absolutely amazing. Never been so proud of my camera phone.

Taken AT THE SAME TIME as the other pic, by turning 180 degrees. I stood outside with Nick for a while in the drizzle just enjoying that we had a double rainbow plus a wicked sunset. Lucky us. (PS you can see my little house in the lower left corner. Not the Cape Cod in the background, the littler one in the foreground)

Moral of the story: I have been running, but not blogging. However, last week's long run was a big fat fail. I hopped on the treadmill, made it reasonably well through 5 miles then hit some weird wall. I truly do not know if it was nutrition or sleep or what, but I died. I walked and jogged through 3 more miles while my GI tract made its presence known... angrily. I felt miserable and stopped, then came back and tried some pep talks + water + granola. I walked back and forth between treadmill and bathroom at least 3 times trying to eke out one. more. mile. No dice. I could not finish and immediately started the negative self-talk. I'm in the home stretch of training and I can't do a long run? Not even half of one? I was SO proud of myself the week before and toughing it out on a treadmill long run then. So proud. I mean, if I can do almost 17 miles, I can do a 20 miler and then a marathon, right? I felt like I was finally on top of training and the marathon felt like a reality.

I let that long run hover over me for like a day before deciding, with some help from my dad, that it was not actually the end of the world. I ran a few more times in the past week and am feeling good... and all of a sudden, it's time for another long run! Yay!

What's that, it's raining in Maryland? Everyday? No kidding. That means more treadmill for me. I miss outside. I'm going to do 1X miles, where X >= 8. Yes, that means I'll be running all night (I run on the treadmill SUPER duper slowly). But now, I have Gu! Woo! I plan on popping those regularly and hoping they love my tummy. I had one before a 3-miler, just as a test, and it felt fine.

Promise I'll blog more. Sometime. 31 days until the marathon!!!!

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