Thursday, September 1, 2011


Internet world, I don't know if you've heard, but a lot of stuff has happened here in Maryland lately. Last week we had a little earthquake (no damage here, unless you count box that fell off a shelf.. and that was probably already on the ground anyways). Then, last weekend, we got acquainted with lovely Hurricane Irene... and life lost all semblance of normalcy.

So, earthquake was Wednesday? I think? I don't even know days anymore. Then I left on Friday afternoon to head to Harrisburg, PA to see Emily and go to her bachelorette party (see more from Kim's blog here). It was a really great time! I came home as Irene was beginning to hit and hunkered down in my house with Nick, some board games, and lots of bottled water. It was a fun day, we were having fun until power was lost around 8pm... sigh. In my neck of the woods, lost power means lost everything- no water, can't flush toilets, etc. I had filled my bathtub, but found out pretty quickly that my tub doesn't really hold water... um, is that not what a tub is supposed to do? I guess the plug let some water leak by, so it drained fairly quickly, only holding water for 3 hours or so. We had water for drinking, but realized pretty quickly there wouldn't be any functional toilet action... oops.

That turned out to be the least of my problems. We noticed the carpet at one side of my house was damp in the early evening hours, and investigated. It didn't seem like the walls were really damp, and the area was fairly isolated... until it started spreading down the hallway, and I had several feet of wet carpet... yikes. Further inspection in the morning revealed part of my shingles and the underpinnings of my roof had come off on one side of my house, and I had a straight path from the outside world into my attic. I am SO happy I am a renter, because it was a nasty mess. My landlady kindly got it fixed, but it turned out there was quite a bit of damage inside the walls and some pipes needed to be replaced. Those issues were fixed by Wednesday. Sunday afternoon was Emily's bridal shower (Kim and her mom put together a fun get-together even though many of the guests were affected by the storm and could not come).

AND then power came back! Oh wait, no it didn't. Here I am, on Thursday, and still don't have power at my house. 5 days later. My area is pretty rural and there was a lot of damage, so it is not surprising that my house is not powered yet, but it is still discouraging. I have been staying with my parents. They also don't have power, but they have a generator so they have hot, running water and a refrigerator. And a microwave! I am very thankful I am able to stay with them, but I do wish they had air conditioning. Hopefully power is back at my house soon. I miss my house, and I really want to restock my fridge and resume normalcy somehow. I also have an insane pile of dirty laundry that really needs to be dealt with.

Add to that, my workplace was seriously effected by the hurricane and I have worked some really weird hours this week... coming in at 5am and leaving at 3pm. 10 hour days mean I will just barely have to work on Friday though! I am being thankful for small things.

In running news, I've been running.. just not very far. I did around 3.5 miles on Monday, and 4.5 Tuesday. I'm writing off my long run this week, and I'm ok with that... life has been too weird. Return to normal life hopefully will happen very soon.

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