Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Run like the wind

I really need to get cuter with these titles...

Last night's run was RIDICULOUS. For me at least. I did 4 miles, and I felt pretty quick but I didn't notice until I was done with the first one that my first mile was 9:10! That's not normal for me. I kept running hard but steady, and my second mile was 9:18... still really fast for me. I freaked out on the 3rd one and slowed down a lot and had to do some traffic dodging, and clocked in at 9:44. I decided to gun it on the last one, and kind of figured even if I pushed it, I'd still be around 9:20something... and then I came in at 9:08! Woo!!! I averaged 9:20, which is pretty unusual for me. I am so proud of myself. This whole training cycle I have been kind of ginger with myself and forgot that running fast is fun. Being tired is fun. Long and slow has its time and place, but I can hoof it on a 4 miler and feel speedy and get a little confidence. Too bad I have to do that 6.5 times to get a full marathon.

Afterwards I felt good, mentally, but icky physically. I did some half-assed ab work and tried to eat. Why oh why is my stomach so funky? I had a tiny sandwich, an egg and a bowl of peas (I eat like a healthy bachelor, my meals are a series of random food that looks appealing) and tons of water. Still felt gross.

Today I'm going to search everywhere for hula hoops for a booth I'm staffing at our site health and safety fair. Apparently, hula hoops are not sold everywhere you think they would be! I am hoping to find some today because I need them Thursday. I'll also get in a swim (I did 1600 plus 100 cool down last week, I want to up that by 100 this week... pretty sure that's doable) and try to stay sane. Busy busy week!

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