Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mid Week check in

It's the middle of the week, let's check in and see how I've done with things thus far. I know it is totally pointless to check in on long-ish term goals 3 days after setting them, but I'm obsessive like that.

Goal 1- Eat better:
Umm.. yes? Except yesterday I was doing stuff all day and ended up eating a TON, including so. many. processed. carbs. Cheesy pizza. Donuts. Nom. My tummy hates me a little today, hopefully it will settle by this afternoon.

Goal 2- sleep better:
Uh. Sorta? This is a bit of a longer term, bigger picture goal. I have gotten some good sleep the last few days, so I'll say I'm on track.

Goal 3- Run better:

Monday: leave work a little early for class- either run (~5 miles) or bike when I get home
    Ran 1 mile warmup and 6 hill repeats for about 35 minutes total running time. It was dark or else I would have done more repeats.
Tuesday: leave work a little early for doctor's appointment- run/bike when I get home (depending on whether today is a run or a bike)
     Ran 5 sorta painful, hilly miles. Foot was feeling funky.
Wednesday: United Way Day of Caring- work all day outside- count this as cross training!
     Day of Caring was not super intense, but it was 6 or so hours of 'activity.' Then I went and swam a mile, which was most excellent. Bonus: the pool manager asked me if I was over 18 (when I went in the heated pool). Thanks, pool manager, for asking me how old I am.
Thursday: Long run on treadmill at work-16 miles (power should be back by then, fingers crossed!!!)
Friday: leave work earlyish for doctor's appointment, haircut, cross train (probably some video workout) when I get home
Saturday: run ~5 miles early, then Annapolis for a wedding!
Sunday: recover

Still on track! I'm actually pretty excited about my long run, I wanna zone on the treadmill and watch some CNN and run 16 miles. I really do.

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