Friday, September 2, 2011

Long(er) run

I decided to treadmill it up yesterday, since I was feeling a little lazy and I'm still not sure how passable my roads are due to downed trees and such. It was delightful. I did almost 8 miles, and I really only stopped out of boredom and thirst (water cooler was out of water, and at work I'm technically not supposed to lift the water jug because I am a girl... silly, I know). I then did some upper body lifting, and I think I pulled whatever muscle is associated with my collar bone...kind of pectoral? All I know is it is uber painful today. I'm proud of myself because I didn't really plan on getting in a run of any length today, and I did! Yay me!

This weekend is going to be hopefully uneventful. I need to get settled back in my house because I! Have! Power!!! I did 2 loads of laundry last night and have at least 2 more before my clothes pile is manageable. I also want to make Nick a special treat (it was his birthday Wednesday and I kind of failed because I was still a refugee at that point.. lame) and clean the house a bunch. I want to vacuum my car. My to-do list is all over the place, hopefully I can cross a bunch of stuff off it during this long 3 day weekend. We're also going to go see the Baltimore Grand Prix on Sunday! Neat! I'm not really into cars or racing, but this event is unusual and it'll be a nice excursion that's fairly close to home. Yet another to do: get a new dress for Emily's wedding (and another wedding I'm going to in October). I do love shopping for fancy dresses, so that'll be fun.

Happy Labor day!

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