Monday, September 12, 2011

Little runner that could

Or, you know, medium sized runner that could.

Can I summarize the past few weeks? I know everyone else has already done this, and I have too, but since my life hasn't returned to normal yet, I still need to dwell a little.
-earthquake- resulting in weird work hours
-hurricane- resulting in ultra weird work hours, plus power out at my house for 5 days (no shower, no bathroom, no joy in my life), so I was displaced to parents' house
-Humongous rain storms- resulted in my car being wet and smelly
-life happening- resulting in weird work hours
-Start teaching a college class- resulting in weird work hours
-power outage at work- of course, weird work hours

So in summary: ridiculous discombobulation. If you sensed some excuses coming, you would be totally correct. I haven't done a run longer than 12.5 miles in this training cycle. I meant to do one on Friday, but the treadmill I usually use is at work.. and we don't have power there (this is as a result of the hurricane plus some other events). I instead did a painful, slow, wearing Camelbak run outside. I did around 6.5 miles and hated every step, I don't know why it was so bad.

Action plan #756: eat better, run more. Easy, right? But really, since it is only 47 days until the marathon, I need to seriously evaluate things. Steps to the action plan- NON-negotiable. For real.

1. No booze except for 2 special occasions- I have 2 weddings to attend in the next 7 weeks. I will drink at both of those, but otherwise I need to cut out my 1 or 2 beers 2 or 3 times/week habit. Ugh. My liver deserves better and so does my running.

2. Eat like I'm training for a marathon. My body needs lots of fuel to keep up, but I need to make a concerted effort to make it quality fuel. After my longish run last week, I managed to eat a small salad, some cheerios, and an orange. Then I went to a bar and had fries and a beer. I had no appetite for healthy food at home and all the appetite for junk. Stop that.

3. Sleep like I'm training for a marathon. I need to lay down the law with the boyfriend and really enforce some healthy bedtimes. He might not need 8 hours, but I do.

4. Run. I do not doubt I can put in these miles... on the treadmill. I've talked before about how easy treadmill running is for me, mentally, and how I think it is the way to go for me. So I'm gonna do some long runs on the treadmill ASAP. Here is what my week looks like:

Monday: leave work a little early for class- either run (~5 miles) or bike when I get home
Tuesday: leave work a little early for doctor's appointment- run/bike when I get home (depending on whether today is a run or a bike)
Wednesday: United Way Day of Caring- work all day outside- count this as cross training!
Thursday: Long run on treadmill at work-16 miles (power should be back by then, fingers crossed!!!)
Friday: leave work earlyish for doctor's appointment, haircut, cross train (probably some video workout) when I get home
Saturday: run ~5 miles early, then Annapolis for a wedding!
Sunday: recover

Next week I will do 18 miles on treadmill (on Tuesday), and 20 the week after (probably Tuesday again).  If I can get in either 20 again, or 22, I will be really happy. Just do it.

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