Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I can't do math, and welcome!

Hi everyone! It seems that getting a blurb from SkinnyRunner (I feel like a celebrity) means I got some new readers. So hi, new people! I asked to be mentioned on her site, because in addition to all my eating/sleeping/training worries, I also need to satisfy my fundrasising goals to support Back on My Feet. I went into it knowing I might not get all the donations I wanted, but I wanted to reach out a little extra and see if I could get some new donors- and I did! Thank you to those donors, I am so thankful and Back on my Feet really deserves your support. You can check out my donation page here.

Why did I choose to raise money for a cause instead of just running the race? Well, full disclosure, the first reason is that I missed window for signing up for the Marine Corps Marathon. The race fills up quickly, and I didn't register in time. But then I made the choice to find a way to run. I researched the many wonderful charities that give an entry into the MCM- and chose Back on my Feet. This organization feels the same way I do about running- it is a way to set and accomplish goals, build confidence, and feel capable of doing whatever it is you put your mind to. They provide running programs and services for disadvantaged individuals in metropolitan areas throughout the Northeast. Connecting someone to running, whether they are homeless or not, is a big step in improving self-esteem. I honestly feel like I can accomplish so much after I run... even if all I actually accomplish is laying on the floor and eating a big dinner :)

So welcome again, everyone, here's me:
That's before and after my first triathlon. I hope you can support me in my first marathon either through reading this blog or donating to Back on my Feet! Thank you!

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