Thursday, August 11, 2011

The time I locked myself out. And other stories.

Running conundrum # 276: do you take keys with you when you run, or leave your door unlocked so you don't have to carry keys? I know in some neighborhoods, that's not even a question, but my neighborhood is rural, my house is not really special-looking, and travel down my road is slim to none. Since I've lived in my new place (about a month), I have always just left my door unlocked, and not worried about keys... does that make me super dumb? I only have one key, and my landlady requested that I don't make a duplicate key, so I don't have an easy grab and go key. Anyways, last night, I walked out the door and did my normal leaving-the-house routine: lock door, check lock, close door, check door is closed. The second I did my door close check, I realized I didn't have keys. Oops. I had my phone, so I would not have been totally screwed. This story has a super happy ending though. My landlady's house is a stone's throw away from my house and I was able to mosey over, grab a key, pet her adorable dog, and let myself back in. Super easy. Having your landlady adjacent to your house is a plus when you're locked out. Minus if you want to throw a rager, but I think I can hold off on that in order to keep my lease.

Run was 6.3 miles, slooowwww but pleasant. Happy me.

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