Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thorn in my... sole?

I am so silly sometimes. Yesterday I needed to run, but was a little pressed for time. I headed out with my seemingly functional Garmin and was chugging along. The roads by my house are pretty narrow and annoying, with either about 3 inches of shoulder or none at all... some parts have the white line eroded, so you're really dealing with far less than a full lane. This is pertinent, I swear. I ran along the road, against traffic, and could hear vehicles coming pretty well so I kept having to go offroad to avoid people. Not a big deal, but offroad was really, really offroad. Like, steep ravine/ditch. Not a lot of fun. At one point, I went from offroad to onroad, and it felt like I had a stick in my shoe, but I ran through it, figuring it would fall out. Silly me.

I got home and saw this:
High-larious. From this picture we see 2 things: 1) I REALLY need new shoes! look at the wear on that sole! They're kinda sorta new.. I'll admit I have not tracked mileage, so maybe 2) stepping on a 'Buckyball'/spiny seed pod thing was good. It meant I looked at the bottom of my shoe! It also meant that the last 1.5 miles of my run might have been a little more comfortable had I looked at the bottom of my shoe instead of thinking "I have no time to check! Ahh!"

The run itself was good... my legs felt like lead, so I decided to do 0.9 miles running, 0.1 miles walking. I still average faster than 10 minute miles. Yay me!

Dinner was delicious, but I was reminded for the millionth time that most places don't do vegetarian super well. We went to a Japanese hibachi place, and it was very tasty but sauteed carrots are not equivalent to steak/chicken/shrimp whatever. Oh well. I know how to get protein in my diet.


  1. Okay, here's the thing, How the hell do you people run in all this hot-humid-muggy-crazy weather? I work with a bunch of lawyers that go out at NOON every day for their runs around Tysons roads. At 110 degrees and 100% humidity its torture. You, on the other hand, seem to like being blown off the road- into a ditch-infested with brambles-and in the middle of country. What is it about marathoning that seems to disconnect the parts of the brain that appreciate sensible things- like air conditioning and avoiding traffic???

  2. It comes from the misguided belief that pain builds character and endurance/ability to bear discomfort are correlated with' being a good runner'. For me that's at least part of it.