Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Missing in action

Or 'Missing Inaction'? Subtle difference.

Let's see...I last updated on Thursday! Yikes! I actually think I ran closer to 6 miles on the treadmill last Thursday, and Friday was a MEAN Jillian Michaels workout... I use my multi-hundred dollar tv and HD cable to do a one hour workout, once a week. I suck. Workout wasn't even in HD. I'm now imagining Jillian's chiseled abs in high def and I'm not sure I like it...

Saturday and Sunday...? You know the drill. I went to Lynchburg, VA for a work thing and enjoyed myself a lot. A whole lot. There was a conference, a little tubing, and a lot of laughing. Such a good time. Unfortunately, not a lot of pics. And zero running.
Nick looking conferencey, me looking out of it.

Monday I was home, and got myself settled. I bought lots of groceries and realized, wow, if you're never home, you really don't need to buy much food. I guess that's the appeal of not being around your own house a lot, but I think I'd rather be present a little more... even if it means I eat more. Monday night I also ran 4 miles and change (my GPS bit it during the first mile, so I just ran for 40 minutes... whatever works). During my run, a neighbor yelled, "You haven't been up since 6am, have ya?!" in a way that said, to me at least, wow, who gets up at a reasonable hour and still has energy to run at 7pm? Well, I do. I get up by 6 every morning, and I still run at night... I don't know, that comment pushed my buttons, and I don't even know the woman. I was briefly jumped on by my neighbor dog (big lab puppy) also. Ugh. The run itself was iffy, my IT band started tweaking about 3 miles into it, and it ached a little the rest of the run.

Tuesday night has become long run night... I like it! I left work and hit the road by 5pm. It has been delightfully cool here this week (never change, weather!), so I didn't have to worry about the temperature. I planned on doing 12+ miles. The + means "I really sincerely hope I at least make it to 12, if I get any more than that I'll be so happy."

...and I did! I did 12.35 miles. Let's not talk about pace. I drank a full water bottle and ate a granola bar within the first 6 miles. The last 6 miles I tried to choke down the other granola bar with my severely dry mouth. I also tore up my right heel pretty well with a slippery sock, but it's fine today. The IT band issues flared up, although not quite as much as the day before. All in all, it was a good run... as long as you ignore that I need to run 14 miles further than that in just a few weeks... sigh.

Tonight: biking! Get excited! And this weekend Kim will be in town, but unfortunatelty it looks like the weather will keep us off the roads... I would like to move my long run back towards the weekend, it makes my life easier. We'll see.

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