Friday, August 12, 2011

Dog problems

I don't know what it is about me, or maybe it's just runners in general, but I have been having lots of dog problems involved in my life lately. First, there was a chocolate lab (I'm gonna call him Cocoa because I don't know his real name) who came in my house in the morning when I left my front door open while carrying stuff to the car. Then, the Huskie who followed me for about 1.5 miles during my run, just hanging out and enjoying a nice jog. Now, Cocoa has reappeared. I haven't gotten a picture of him because I've always been a little distracted, but he looks something like this:

He is a VERY cute dog, but he's quite large. Yesterday, as I ran by my neighbor's house, he came bounding out to join me. Unfortunately, he has neither the grace nor the self-restraint to jog along beside me like my Huskie friend, so instead he bounded here and there and tried to jump on me. Really, dog? Can't you see I'm running?

I said some harsh words towards him and tried to point the direction of his house without stopping my run (momentum is sometimes the only thing I have going for me), and he left me after 25 yards or so. Ugh. It threw me off because it elevated my heart rate and just generally made me discombobulated... frustrating when your neighbors don't corral their animals.

Other than that, good run. Quick first mile led to the next 2.5 miles being s-l-o-w, but whatever. I'm having trouble eating after I run, last night I could stomach only a chunk of banana bread and some cottage cheese. Maybe it was because I ate 1/4 of a half gallon of ice cream before I went? Nah.. no way those things are related.

This weekend is going to be insane, weather-wise, and insane, life-wise. I'm going skydiving on Saturday, and then laying on the beach and savoring the sensation of being on the ground. I can't wait!

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