Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Breakfast discovery

I keep seeing references on blogs I read to making eggs in the microwave, and I was always doubtful. This morning, I didn't have any ripe bananas or hard boiled eggs, so my breakfast was looking kind of thin. In a moment of desperation and a complete lack of research, I threw 2 eggs in a coffee mug, scrambled them, and then was faced with the hard part... how long do I cook these for? If they're undercooked, can I cook them more or will the consistency be horrible? How do microwaved eggs even work??

I'll spare you any suspense. I cooked them for a minute on high and they were perfect and fluffy. I threw some garlic salt and ketchup in the mug and it was a super delicious breakfast. I should have had Cheerios or something as well, but I was pressed for time. All in all, it was a success!

Otherwise... um. I ran yesterday in a downpour. It was delightful.

I got a haircut! I think it makes me look like a newscaster:
It is WAY shorter! I like it, I think. I have not figured out the curly version yet though. I'll need to experiment a little more.

Yesterday I had a salad with desperation dressing from my desk drawer. It was 'raspberry vinaigrette' and it was terrible. I tried to take a pic and capture the unnatural color it was:
It's pretty pink (the mixed in creamy stuff is a borrowed/stolen dash of basil ranch from the fridge at work). I just don't think salad dressing needs to be quite that pink. And I don't like super sweet salad dressing a whole lot in general.. ick.

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