Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday run!

Yesterday, my birthday, was a horrendous day at work. I had unpleasant meetings, my tendency to procrastinate was painfully brought to light, and I just had a generally unpleasant, grumpy day. I was not super looking forward to running, especially after I talked myself out of treadmilling. "Outside running is better!"- direct quote from my judgmental brain.

So.. I got home, screwed around for a little, and set the goal for myself to leave the house by 6. It was not really hot yesterday, but it was kind of warm, so I figured it would have cooled by 6 and I'd also have more shadows to work with.

First 3 miles or so were golden... I hovered around 9:40 miles and chugged along. The next 3 started getting painful, and I got wicked thirsty. Who knows why, but I left the house without water. I am not smart. I tried to focus on the one foot in front of the other, just keep running thing, and got to 7.5 or without a break. It was all downhill from there, performance wise. I took walk breaks, and really had trouble powering through. I also had the added "I need to run this distance to get back to my house" motivation which I'm not sure was beneficial. Since I quite literally had to keep going in order to get home, well, I had to get home. However, I got a little panicky and psyched myself out with thinking, oh my goodness, what if I have to WALK all the way home. Added to that some tummy troubles (will the people down the road hate me if I use their bushes as a port-a-potty?), thirst and tiredness meant I was SO. HAPPY. to get back to my house. So so happy.

I choked down some dinner (cottage cheese, tortilla, and baby carrots in tzatziki... painful meal), got a visit from my lovely boyfriend, and had an icky night's sleep.

Conclusion: don't do a long run on your birthday after a bad day at work! Today my body is overall tired, and my legs have sort of been hating the stairs. I attribute that to not refueling well after the run. I need to buy protein shake type stuff so I don't starve my muscles quite so much. Now (t-10 weeks until marathon!) is NOT the time to be dropping weight and eating poorly.

I'm gonna regroup today by biking 10-15ish miles after work and having a real birthday dinner with my family (that I will definitely be hungry for!). I'm excited!

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