Monday, August 1, 2011

All grown up.

I love buying stuff, but I hate spending money. I tend to justify not having essential, or semi-essential stuff, because I can 'live without it.' Some things, like a GPS watch, are totally understandable. Who really NEEDS a GPS watches, especially since they are expensive. Another thing was an upgraded tv. I didn't really see the need, because I hardly watch TV anyways and I was doing just fine without HD. Well....
Top pic is before calling Comcast and getting grouchy on them because I had this big, pretty tv and no picture!

Ahh... much better.

This thing is creepy realistic. I watched a cooking show and about died. I don't see this television changing my TV habits all that much, but at least I have it for when I have people over who might want to watch TV.

I also got a pretty awesome birthday present from my parents- new vacuum!

Uhh.. yeah, that IS the Electrolux Nimble. I used it after unpacking my new TV and throwing bits of styrofoam everywhere. It was glorious, and it was indeed nimble. All the claims of never clogging though go down the tubes when it encountered my hair... I shed a lot and it needed to be emptied, despite not being full, after going through my bedroom. I'm ok with that though, because it did really well otherwise.

Next big purchase is a couch... I don't currently have anywhere to sit in my living room... literally no furniture aside from a big TV sitting on the floor. Ugh. Need to be a little less college student and a little more grown up.

Running? Oh right, I do that... yeah... check back tomorrow.

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