Friday, July 22, 2011


Quick post- yesterday was a successful 3 miles on the treadmill so that I didn't melt on the road. It was approximately 1 trillion degrees outside, so I think the decision was justified. It was my first time at the gym at work- it was...interesting. One of my coworkers (not direct coworkers, one of the 800 others I work with) was there and made quite a ruckus with his workout noises. It added some extra fun to the workout. It was a run, and a show! How lucky for me.

Today is sitting inside (scheduled rest day, hooray!), and running a million errands. I am so proud of myself because it is only 1:30 and I have done all of the following: deposited a check, paid off my car, picked up prescription sunglasses, turned in license plates at the MVA, ordered cable and internet, cancelled my flight and went to Target to buy a bunch of stuff. It has been a successful day. Later is beer and wine tasting and Thai food.. can't wait :)

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