Thursday, July 14, 2011

Road trip!!

I leave tomorrow on a road trip with my mom and brother. We are leaving from Maryland and driving to Kansas City (maybe stopping in Lexington on the way, maybe seeing my friend Jon), where I get to see Kim! We are staying with my grandfather there for a couple days, then head to Denver, where I get to see my old friend from middle school! That will be crazy, I haven't seen her in years, and in the interim she has gotten married. So exciting! Then it is on to see my grandmother in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We stay another couple days there, then I fly back from Salt Lake City. It will be a bit of an ordeal, just because there are so many weather and traffic variables, so the element of surprise will definitely exist a little.

Here are a few logical and a few very illogical things I am worried/thinking about for this trip. First, the logical:
-Road food: eating on the go is inherently dangerous, especially eating on the go and then just s.i.t.t.i.n.g. for hours. I'll need to be thoughtful about things or else my tummy will just give up the ghost.
-Being driven insane: small car, 3 family members, no one gets out alive. Enough said.
-Disregarding training: We'll have a weird schedule, and probably several late nights. I NEED to run, walk, bike, whatever during this time. I will do some sort of workout with Kim in KC, depending on how deadly hot it is, and will try and get up early every morning and just run at or from the hotel.
-Weird sleep schedule: again with the late nights.

Now, some illogicalness. Illogicality. Illogictude?
-Blood clots in my legs: it could happen! There are stories of marathoners getting emobolisms on flights to and from their races. I know the odds of this are slim to none but for some reason I'm worried about it.
-Turning into a blimp: I retain water like a champ. Give me french fries, and I will give you shorts that don't fit. Must avoid.
-Leg atrophy: if I miss one/two/three runs, my leg muscles will no longer work. Because that's how physiology works in my silly mind.

So that's that. I'll keep everyone up to date with as much blogging as possible between car rides and hotel stays. And I'll definitely keep track of my running so we all see how much I slack off.

Yesterday's run was almost sabotaged! It was rainy and thundering, but I ventured out anyways. The run was not good at all because I stupidly wore mesh shorts that were seemingly designed to soak up moisture. They were soaked and heavy within a few minutes. My ankle was yelling at me pretty loudly from the start. But I powered through 5 verrrry slow miles.

Kim (she is a student in chiropractic school, a blogger and a runner!) gave me some physical therapy moves to try for my ankle, and I did some last night just to see how they would feel, and to assess my range of motion/what exactly hurts. I have determined that my range of motion is crappy and everything hurts. Oh well, knowledge is power? I iced it and took some Vitamin I and today it feels not too different. Sigh. Maybe lots of rest in the car will be a good thing! Or my foot will atrophy and fall off :) Time will tell!

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