Friday, July 1, 2011

The road home.

Since you know I love timelines, here's one from yesterday, about my journey home from Chicago to Baltimore-Washington Airport.

4:15pm: go to mall, wander around looking for gifts for my coworker to take back to his family.
5:00pm: decide we're bored, it doesn't hurt to get to airport early, who knows, there might be traffic, O'Hare is a BIG airport, lots to do, etc. etc.
5:30pm: drop off rental car. No traffic to speak of.
6:00pm: at airport. Flight isn't until 8:25. Nothing to do. Real picture of the ensuing boredom begins to develop.
6:03pm: get yelled at by a security employee because my carryon is too big to be carried on. At this point, I'm a little emotional from other nonsense going on, and this makes me cry. I know I'm almost 26, but for reals, once I get a little upset it's easy to push me over the edge. After I cry, I check my bag and head to security.
6:40pm: Um, security at O'Hare? You officially suck. I swear the people in front of me in line each had 11 carry-ons, and I couldn't have my one? You are not my friend. Also, you're slow. Suck it, security.
6:45-8pm: wander, text, call, eat, browse, wander, pace, wander wander wander. I was getting antsy to get home and around 7:45 they announced our plane was delayed. This made me start pacing the terminal in my work clothes and shoes. Actual thought I had "eh, my feet hurt now but I'll be HOME in just a couple hours! I can tough it out."
8:25pm (original departure time): plane still delayed. Plane has arrived but no action appears to be taken to get it going. Pace some more.
9:00pm: finally board plane. Sit on plane.
9:00-11:35pm: sit on plane, taxi, bond with fellow travelers, get yelled at by flight attendant for wanting to use the bathroom (In case you weren't aware of this, the fasten seatbelt sign is the airline's way of covering its behind when you're taxiing- they don't want you falling over when you stand up, so they turn on the little light. If you do get up, you will get yelled at, but she won't stop you from doing what you need to do).
11:35pm: take off, 3 hours late. There might have been more crying at this point.
2:40-4:30am: land, cry again, get my checked bag, shuttle to car, drive home.
4:30-10:30: sleep, dream of a really big laundromat.

So that's my travel story from hell. I know it could have been worse, but the flight attendant was particularly mean so the whole process was made that much more unpleasant (a complaint has been filed). I'm really happy to be home and I had today off work. I helped my mom with some errands, ran 3.2 miles, and walked another 4.5 or so with my mom. So I'm still on track for workouts even though I missed yesterday. Tonight is low key sleepy time so I can wake up early tomorrow and get in a run before its hot.

...I always say that. This time I actually mean it though!

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