Monday, July 11, 2011

Playing catch up

I kind of don't feel like recapping my weekend. I had a really great weekend for everything non-running related. I went bowling, attended the Annapolis Irish Festival, a bachelorette party, and a friendly poker game.

A few notes about that little recap: 1) is it sad I needed to check my Google Calendar to remember what I did on Friday? That is nearly 72 hours ago, I can't be expected to remember... right? 2) I won $7 at poker!!! I actually held my own. It was glorious. 3) I STILL blow at bowling. There is definitely not a 'practice makes perfect' silver lining for me there. Here's some pics:

All of our shoes together? Yeah I don't know. I think I was the top left point of the star. This picture is silly but I like it.

Yeah... I'm 'L'... umm in my defense this was the first game, so I had not yet gotten into my bowling stride. Because that exists for me? Second game I got 101! woo triple digits.

This is Laurel-ese for "bowling? eh? never heard of it, thus why I am doing so poorly! Do not judge!" One of my coworkers/lane partners actually said "So you've never bowled before?" like he legitimately didn't think I had ever picked up a bowling ball. Oy.

So anyways. That's that. It was a weekend. I did some running but not enough. I am heavily influenced by my emotions, and I let them win this weekend. On a side note, I did move all of my belongings into my parents garage? At least everything is in a central location now! I am reminding myself that not every run is the be all and end all. I will recover.

Today I swam... ohh how I love swimming! Here is a face that might say otherwise:

I was trying to capture goggle face... I think I mostly just got my major puffiness factor. Am I getting jowls? What's going on there? I swam 1600 meters plus a 250 cool down in 40 minutes. Not fast, but it felt good.. oh, except for my stupid left foot is still bothering me. I have no idea why it is still hurting, it is a new part of the foot that hurts now, and it is less of an ache and more of a pain/feels like it needs popping almost. I'll keep an eye on it... it is too soon into training to be hurt!

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