Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long weekend

My brain is not working! HELP! Work is a huge challenge today because I can't seem to think about work related things. I suck.

Let's see. So it was 4th of July? Hmm. It was pleasant, it just didn't feel very 4th-y. I went to watch fireworks in a less crowded/trafficy area, with no music, so I think the whole thing was a little anticlimactic. I also saw fireworks at a friend's house on Sunday night, and last weekend at a baseball game. They're super awesome but I think maybe I got a little desensitized.

I ran. A little. I'm not too proud of either of my runs this weekend, but they did the trick. Not quite as much mileage as I would have liked. I also tweaked my ankle pretty badly on Sunday (maybe? I don't know when it happened) and woke up on Monday with it quite swollen. I'm still planning on running 3 miles today but if it hurts too bad I won't push it.

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