Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Injured adventures

Oh what a way to start off my second week of marathon training- hurt. Arg. Here is an ankle picture from yesterday:

 So maybe you can't tell, but my left ankle has lost all definition (I wish that was something people liked to have defined- I might not have a 6-pack, but check out my ankles!). Also, look at my skirt! My mom bought that for me. So cute.

I ran yesterday for 31 minutes. Minutes? Not miles, you ask? No, not miles because for the first time, my Garmin failed me. I think I asked it to acquire satellites too early (still indoors) and so it got some really weak signals. It said my first mile was slower than 13 minutes miles, and then kicked up around 9:30. So unreliable. Instead, I just ignored it and babied my ankle, going pretty pokey for 31 minutes. I am still pretty sure I did around 3 miles, which was my goal for yesterday anyways.

Today... 5? Maybe? The ankle is sore still, and even more swollen than yesterday, now with a little discoloration too. I don't know what's going on. I plan on just taking it slow and easy today and continuing my icing/ibuprofen diet. It doesn't seem to be getting worse, really, and since I can't really link it to an injury I'm just dealing with it.

In other news, aside from the cute skirt my mom bought me, I also went on a wee spending spree... oops? I got this awesome Coach watch:
It is cute and dressy but not too dressy. I like to spruce it up by putting a 2 cent hair tie next to it. Juxtaposition. It's my form of social commentary. Or something.

I'm also going KAYAKING again tomorrow, weather permitting. I like active evening activities, and I like upper body work that doesn't involve the suffix '-up'. My one kayak outing several weeks ago was really fun so I'm looking forward to doing it again. Happy Wednesday!

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