Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Hot Heat

Ok, I know it's lame to complain about the weather all the time, but oh my goodness, it is ridiculous here in southern Maryland. Yesterday it was a hot, sticky 91 degrees when I left my house to go running at about 4:50. I had measured out 5 miles from my house since apparently my GPS is not functional near my new place (I had just gotten addicted to it, too!). This 2.5 mile out and back route went down a road near my house that was a little hilly, but I thought, eh, no big deal, I can do some hills.


The first mile was tolerable, I chugged along pretty well even though I was dripping sweat within 10 minutes. The second mile got more painful, both because of the heat, some hills, and my feet being a pain. Around the start of the 3rd mile I took a walk break, and decided that would be how I handled the rest of the run. I ran about 85%, walked the rest. I don't normally take too many walk breaks, so it was weird to scatter them in, but my foot pain issues were killer. In addition to my lingering left ankle issues, the ball of my right foot, an old(er) issue, also acted up. WHY AM I BREAKING? The way back from my turnaround point was mostly uphill, which tweaked my ankle more, and just generally sucked. I finished and although my time was pretty poor, I still finished. I don't know whether my 5 horrible miles outdoors were more beneficial than 5 miles on a treadmill would have been. I know that they built character, since the entire time I was contemplating how since I live by myself, I have no choice but to run my butt back home. I don't have anyone to come and get me anymore. That's good in the case of pure laziness, but bad in case I really hurt myself.

Umm. So I don't have any pics of my new house yet. I swear I will take some of those. I also didn't give blood yesterday because my iron is still low! I will talk to my doctor about this. I've been religiously eating Cheerios and taking my vitamins, but I'm still not about to meet the minimum limits for the Red Cross. Arg. I hope its not something serious, and I can just change my diet up a little more. It is no fun either way.

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