Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy feet.

Let's see... the last time I ran was.. last Thursday? Yeah. That happened. I would say oops, but it was pretty much intentional. I knew a Saturday run would be hard since it would be our first morning of travel. I figured Sunday would happen since I'd be in Kansas City... when my schedule was thrown off, I sort of just sighed, took a mulligan, and went on my merry way. My foot was hurting pretty badly last week, so a break was definitely beneficial. Sunday when I was home from my trip/disaster, I went to a going away party for a friend, intended to just stay a couple hours, but stayed all day. Long run was displaced by a good time.

I don't know why I was making that face, or why I didn't wash my hair. My bad on both accounts.

I have moved into a new house. I'll get some pics soon. I really really like it, aside from having a hard time sleeping because I'm convinced someone's going to kill me... you know, normal concerns. The house is in a fairly rural area, so there are windy, narrow roads and not a lot of streetlights. This is all a prelude to saying I went for my scheduled 3 miles at 9pm last night... in the midst of a thunderstorm. I ran errands yesterday afternoon and intended to run at 7 or so, after it had cooled off some. Well, around 7 it started downpouring, thunder, lightning, the whole nine. It kept going. I kept setting limits for myself "ok, if it's still raining at 8pm I'll just change out of running clothes and call it a night..." "if it's still raining at 8:30 I'll call it a night" but my legs WOULD NOT LISTEN. They wanted to run, and I would not deny them. I waited until it was fairly calm out, which happened around 8:50. There were still ominous clouds and distant thunder, and it was pretty dark out. Legs still would not listen. They wanted to go. I laced up and headed out. This was my first time exploring my new neighborhood. I have about a half mile stretch in one direction before hitting the water, and the other direction heads towards more main roads. I toodled around, my GPS was on but totally not functional (I had it acquire satellites while I was still inside, mistake), and ran about 27 minutes, probably a little less than the 3 miles I had on my schedule. It felt amazing, my foot ached (not hurt!) but was overall pretty pleasant. Such a good run.

....Such a DUMB run too. I violated every safety rule on the books, except I did wear bright colors. It was dark, the roads were dark, I didn't wear my RoadID, no one knew where I was, I was in an unfamiliar location, weather was bad... you name it. I need to not be quite so impetuous. I think I let the element of urgency/really badly wanting to go override safety concerns. Silly Laurel.

Oh, and a dog came in my new house this morning. Wtf. I had the door open as I took stuff to my car before leaving for work, and this dog comes up, sniffs me, and then goes in my house! Not okay!! I had a moment of fright because I didn't know if he would be friendly, but then I realized he also had dirty feet, and therefore needed to get his big black Lab feet off my nice clean floors. So I chased him out. He was ok with being chased, and loped off into the sunrise. He is a neighbor dog, I am pretty sure, and hopefully this does not become a regular occurence.

Tonight's run- TBD. I'm giving blood (HOPEFULLY! Let's see how my iron-increasing efforts have paid off!), so I might be a little shaky this evening. I'll play it by ear. I'm riding a running high wave from yesterday and would like it to continue. It'll definitely be a more safely executed run, I will assure you of that.

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