Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday, Friday!

It's a list blogging kind of day.

Things I am good at:
1. Making 8 servings of delicious chili at a time and freezing them so I have yumminess ready for me at all times!
2. Getting tired of chili after only 2 servings. Oops? I put it on top of lettuce at work yesterday, and it made me happier though, so all hope is not lost. I'll make a large batch of something else next week to add to the rotation (pasta with tofulicious sauce?)

3. NOT brushing my hair. Ever.  
 I mean, really? I come to work like this? Yes, yes I do.

4. Running on the treadmill. I did 3 quick, enjoyable miles yesterday.

5. Getting the Rebecca Black horrendous song "Friday" stuck in my head for long enough that I convinced myself it's good. I mean, it is so freaking catchy. How can it not be good?

...don't answer that.

6. Having poor taste in music.

Things I am not good at:
1. Not making unattractive faces when people are rude.

2. Time management skills. I seem to want to only do fun things, and totally put off doing real, adult things.

3.Not having a UTI, or at least the beginnings of one.

4. Not drinking too much cranberry juice.

5. Not having a raging tummy ache from cranberry juice.

6. Not using double negatives.

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