Friday, July 1, 2011


I swear I didn't actually call it that when I was there. Anyways, I'm home successfully from Chicago. Let's have some photos:
I think I'm cute. Also, high ponytail is my way of being in denial about needing a haircut badly. That dress is a size 4 and I cannot move my arms in it. But it is adorbs.
 We went to Taste of Chicago on Wednesday night and it was delicious. I was starving, as was noted in my previous post, so I devoured an eggplant parm sandwich in about 35 seconds, followed by cheese bread, some carrot and celery sticks, fries, and cheesecake. In my defense, I now know how Chicago tastes. It is yummy. My coworkers, as previously mentioned, were not into eating tons of 'unhealthy' food so I had to show them how it was done. I hope I did.
 It was in Grant Park, where I took this photo of a fountain. Pretty. Also, Chicagoans? Do you always put on your finest for the Wednesday night food festival? I saw some outfits.
Skyline pics. And the last pic is the amphitheater in Grant/Centennial park from a distance.
Cool swoopy metallic bridge to amphitheater.
Theater pics. 
That was my poorly photographed Chicago experience. Those last couple are some of the coolest buildings ever. They're just really neat. I didn't really know that Chicago was known for its architecture, but man, cool structures everywhere you look. The city has a lot of personality. We drove around looking for the (former) Sears Tower after eating, and could not find it. Um, tall buildings were all around us. How were we supposed to see the tallest one? We asked directions from an officer of the law but none of us paid sufficient attention to actually get there.

The rest of the conference, which ended Thursday afternoon, was uneventful, aside from me pretty much dying of hunger every 2 hours. I wanted to get in a run, which was on my schedule for Thursday, but the stars did not align to allow it. That's fancy speak for "I was lazy and slept until 30 minutes before I had to be doing stuff." Instead I ate everything in sight, again, and paced the terminal while waiting for a plane. But that's a tale for another post. (don't let the suspense kill you, it's not worth it :) )

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