Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday, Friday!

It's a list blogging kind of day.

Things I am good at:
1. Making 8 servings of delicious chili at a time and freezing them so I have yumminess ready for me at all times!
2. Getting tired of chili after only 2 servings. Oops? I put it on top of lettuce at work yesterday, and it made me happier though, so all hope is not lost. I'll make a large batch of something else next week to add to the rotation (pasta with tofulicious sauce?)

3. NOT brushing my hair. Ever.  
 I mean, really? I come to work like this? Yes, yes I do.

4. Running on the treadmill. I did 3 quick, enjoyable miles yesterday.

5. Getting the Rebecca Black horrendous song "Friday" stuck in my head for long enough that I convinced myself it's good. I mean, it is so freaking catchy. How can it not be good?

...don't answer that.

6. Having poor taste in music.

Things I am not good at:
1. Not making unattractive faces when people are rude.

2. Time management skills. I seem to want to only do fun things, and totally put off doing real, adult things.

3.Not having a UTI, or at least the beginnings of one.

4. Not drinking too much cranberry juice.

5. Not having a raging tummy ache from cranberry juice.

6. Not using double negatives.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Where have I been? Nowhere, really, just not blogging due to busy work/life and a lack of internet at my new place (I'm getting internet today, yay!). I had an absolutely amazing weekend that included a lot of walking around DC, visiting the Newseum, staying in a hotel with grind your own coffee (!!!!):

Playing shuffleboard into the wee hours of the morning:

(not pictured: the fact that I suck at shuffleboard so bad I had random passersby volunteering advice)
And generally having the time of my life. I'm so happy I went, but I really need to stop having these phenomenal weekends where I don't run. I'm ok with missing a Saturday or even a midweek run, but my long runs? Non-existent. As the Marine Corps Marathon page so helpfully (not.) tells you, it is only 94 days until the marathon.... umm... wow. That's not a lot of days. I have less than 14 weeks to get my butt in gear.

I have tried to get back on track this week by running Monday (4 miles) and Tuesday (3 miles. Normally Monday is a cross-train day). I'm not sure how today's run is going to fit in- I have an appointment to get my cable installed between 2 and 5pm, and I have stuff to take care of this evening... but I'll make it work. Somehow. 5 miles is really not that much.

I'm also going to get my weekends under control. I'm seeing someone new, and we're in the "omg, we're having the best time ever!" stage, meaning we spend all of our time together doing fun things that are way preferable to long runs. He runs too, so I should really try to incorporate more running dates and fewer beer dates into our routine.

I can do this.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Quick post- yesterday was a successful 3 miles on the treadmill so that I didn't melt on the road. It was approximately 1 trillion degrees outside, so I think the decision was justified. It was my first time at the gym at work- it was...interesting. One of my coworkers (not direct coworkers, one of the 800 others I work with) was there and made quite a ruckus with his workout noises. It added some extra fun to the workout. It was a run, and a show! How lucky for me.

Today is sitting inside (scheduled rest day, hooray!), and running a million errands. I am so proud of myself because it is only 1:30 and I have done all of the following: deposited a check, paid off my car, picked up prescription sunglasses, turned in license plates at the MVA, ordered cable and internet, cancelled my flight and went to Target to buy a bunch of stuff. It has been a successful day. Later is beer and wine tasting and Thai food.. can't wait :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Hot Heat

Ok, I know it's lame to complain about the weather all the time, but oh my goodness, it is ridiculous here in southern Maryland. Yesterday it was a hot, sticky 91 degrees when I left my house to go running at about 4:50. I had measured out 5 miles from my house since apparently my GPS is not functional near my new place (I had just gotten addicted to it, too!). This 2.5 mile out and back route went down a road near my house that was a little hilly, but I thought, eh, no big deal, I can do some hills.


The first mile was tolerable, I chugged along pretty well even though I was dripping sweat within 10 minutes. The second mile got more painful, both because of the heat, some hills, and my feet being a pain. Around the start of the 3rd mile I took a walk break, and decided that would be how I handled the rest of the run. I ran about 85%, walked the rest. I don't normally take too many walk breaks, so it was weird to scatter them in, but my foot pain issues were killer. In addition to my lingering left ankle issues, the ball of my right foot, an old(er) issue, also acted up. WHY AM I BREAKING? The way back from my turnaround point was mostly uphill, which tweaked my ankle more, and just generally sucked. I finished and although my time was pretty poor, I still finished. I don't know whether my 5 horrible miles outdoors were more beneficial than 5 miles on a treadmill would have been. I know that they built character, since the entire time I was contemplating how since I live by myself, I have no choice but to run my butt back home. I don't have anyone to come and get me anymore. That's good in the case of pure laziness, but bad in case I really hurt myself.

Umm. So I don't have any pics of my new house yet. I swear I will take some of those. I also didn't give blood yesterday because my iron is still low! I will talk to my doctor about this. I've been religiously eating Cheerios and taking my vitamins, but I'm still not about to meet the minimum limits for the Red Cross. Arg. I hope its not something serious, and I can just change my diet up a little more. It is no fun either way.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy feet.

Let's see... the last time I ran was.. last Thursday? Yeah. That happened. I would say oops, but it was pretty much intentional. I knew a Saturday run would be hard since it would be our first morning of travel. I figured Sunday would happen since I'd be in Kansas City... when my schedule was thrown off, I sort of just sighed, took a mulligan, and went on my merry way. My foot was hurting pretty badly last week, so a break was definitely beneficial. Sunday when I was home from my trip/disaster, I went to a going away party for a friend, intended to just stay a couple hours, but stayed all day. Long run was displaced by a good time.

I don't know why I was making that face, or why I didn't wash my hair. My bad on both accounts.

I have moved into a new house. I'll get some pics soon. I really really like it, aside from having a hard time sleeping because I'm convinced someone's going to kill me... you know, normal concerns. The house is in a fairly rural area, so there are windy, narrow roads and not a lot of streetlights. This is all a prelude to saying I went for my scheduled 3 miles at 9pm last night... in the midst of a thunderstorm. I ran errands yesterday afternoon and intended to run at 7 or so, after it had cooled off some. Well, around 7 it started downpouring, thunder, lightning, the whole nine. It kept going. I kept setting limits for myself "ok, if it's still raining at 8pm I'll just change out of running clothes and call it a night..." "if it's still raining at 8:30 I'll call it a night" but my legs WOULD NOT LISTEN. They wanted to run, and I would not deny them. I waited until it was fairly calm out, which happened around 8:50. There were still ominous clouds and distant thunder, and it was pretty dark out. Legs still would not listen. They wanted to go. I laced up and headed out. This was my first time exploring my new neighborhood. I have about a half mile stretch in one direction before hitting the water, and the other direction heads towards more main roads. I toodled around, my GPS was on but totally not functional (I had it acquire satellites while I was still inside, mistake), and ran about 27 minutes, probably a little less than the 3 miles I had on my schedule. It felt amazing, my foot ached (not hurt!) but was overall pretty pleasant. Such a good run.

....Such a DUMB run too. I violated every safety rule on the books, except I did wear bright colors. It was dark, the roads were dark, I didn't wear my RoadID, no one knew where I was, I was in an unfamiliar location, weather was bad... you name it. I need to not be quite so impetuous. I think I let the element of urgency/really badly wanting to go override safety concerns. Silly Laurel.

Oh, and a dog came in my new house this morning. Wtf. I had the door open as I took stuff to my car before leaving for work, and this dog comes up, sniffs me, and then goes in my house! Not okay!! I had a moment of fright because I didn't know if he would be friendly, but then I realized he also had dirty feet, and therefore needed to get his big black Lab feet off my nice clean floors. So I chased him out. He was ok with being chased, and loped off into the sunrise. He is a neighbor dog, I am pretty sure, and hopefully this does not become a regular occurence.

Tonight's run- TBD. I'm giving blood (HOPEFULLY! Let's see how my iron-increasing efforts have paid off!), so I might be a little shaky this evening. I'll play it by ear. I'm riding a running high wave from yesterday and would like it to continue. It'll definitely be a more safely executed run, I will assure you of that.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This is West Virginia. It is beautiful. This was taken around 4pm on Friday, the first day of my 10 day road trip of doom. 

Also West Virginia.. also beautiful! However, those huge windmills FREAK ME OUT. I read these books when I was little called the Tripod Trilogy (which I really need to re-read, because that Wikipedia article is giving me flashbacks). The big windmill make me think of tripods and I get a little convinced they're going to spring to life... I'm totally normal.

Here's a pic of a bite on my left thigh. Looks an awful lot like the spider bite on my arm from a couple months ago, right? I don't have Lyme disease, right? Someone assuage me. That pic is from Friday also, it looks a lot better today. And no longer itches. The total size was about 3 inches across.. scary big.

So here's where the story gets interesting... at about 9pm, I had just started driving (my mom is the primary driver on these trips but she occasionally lets me drive). We were outside of Charleston, WV, with a couple hundred miles still to go before we were going to call it a night. I'm chugging along, relishing the 70 mph speed limit, enjoying the mountains at dusk. There wasn't a lot of traffic on the road, so I was going around 77 mph (totally incriminating myself...). Suddenly, I see a deer carcass in the middle of the road... like, right in the middle of my lane. Her back is facing me, perpendicular to the direction of traffic. I didn't have sufficient time to do anything but stay the course... and ran RIGHT over this big old deer. It was a particularly hefty deer, with a fairly tall stomach.

My mom and I were shaken, but kept driving. Seemed like we had whacked her pretty good, but everything was ok.... famous last words! Then things started going rapidly downhill. A light came on in the car saying the coolant was low, and I pulled over. We got out of the car and, indeed, coolant was leaking like a sieve. Not a drip-drip sort of situation, it was pouring out of the car. It was pretty clear and odorless. We called my dad and started calling BMW roadside assistance....

From there, things just got more unpleasant. Everytime we called BMW, we had to go through the "Give us your car's VIN number, where are you located" rigamarole. It was time consuming, and we kept getting kicked off the phone in one way or another. We could not directly call back and speak to the person we had been speaking to before, because they didn't have direct lines. So we'd make headway with one person, get kicked off, and never be able to speak to that same person again. We were in the middle of nowhere, sort of, but only 25 miles from Charleston, which is a big city and is the capital of WV. An added bonus was that BMW can only provide towing if the tow company accepts American Express as payment.. and apparently none of them did, and those that did were unwilling to drive out to the sticks and get us.

Me, my mom and my brother, stranded alongside the road with absolutely NO hopes for the situation changing. It is 11pm, we have made no progress. I am getting grouchy. I am getting miserable. I am frustrated by being told that it is just not possible to get someone out there. BMW doesn't understand where we even are, geographically (actual quote: "So.. Charleston.. you're near Virginia Beach?" other actual quote: "Closest dealer to you I'm showing as Lynchburg" me: "No, that's in another state.. I googled it and the closest dealer is in Charleston" "no, it's Lynchburg" "No it's not"... repeat).

I got pissy and took matters into my own hands. I do not deal well with what I perceived as imcompetence and an utter lack of the ability to use technology.. I understand they were using their special Roadside Assistance Software, but golly, a real live paper map would have helped in this situation! I googled a tow company, got the guy to agree to come get the car but he wouldn't/couldn't transport my mom, me and brother. So, BMW tried to get a taxi to come get us.. no dice. FINALLY a Highway 'Courtesy Patrol' from the WV Department of Transportation stops and takes pity on us. He gives the tow driver a go ahead to drive me and brother in truck, and my mom RIDES IN THE CAR on the back of the truck!!!! I so wish I had a picture, it was so classic/wrong/dangerous. All this time, BMW has been 'working on' getting us a taxi and a hotel... I nipped that in the bud real quick. There was just not enough time for them to work through their computer aided nonsense when I have a smartphone. I found a hotel, booked it, and we were on our way. The tow driver dropped us off, then took the car to the dealer.

Next day, we go visit the car, it looks like this:
Ick. Yes, that is deer hair. The car smelled so bad that the mechanics wouldn't keep it inside the shop, they parked it as far away as possible. It smelled oddly.. fishy. It was terrible. Oddly, the car itself looked fine, but the dealer said that there was major undercarriage damage, and stuff was "pushed back." I don't know a lot about cars, but when their internals are 'pushed,' I am pretty sure that's not a good thing. They said it could take 2 weeks to get the car fixed up, so we got a rental and tried to figure out our options. We could continue driving, but the rental company only gives us 150 miles a day, so we'd never have gotten across the country. We could go home and restart the trip with another one of my family's cars. We could cancel the trip altogether. Because of my work schedule, it looks like it is cancelled altogether for me. I might be able to do half the trip or something, but I'm not sure yet. I am really sad because I wanted to see the country, I love driving/riding, and I wanted to see my cross-country friends who I rarely get to see. It just wasn't in the cards. 

That was the song playing when we were on our way home in the rental.. thanks, satellite radio, for having a sense of humor.

We'll be back to regular running posts tomorrow (Spoiler alert: not much running lately...). 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Road trip!!

I leave tomorrow on a road trip with my mom and brother. We are leaving from Maryland and driving to Kansas City (maybe stopping in Lexington on the way, maybe seeing my friend Jon), where I get to see Kim! We are staying with my grandfather there for a couple days, then head to Denver, where I get to see my old friend from middle school! That will be crazy, I haven't seen her in years, and in the interim she has gotten married. So exciting! Then it is on to see my grandmother in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We stay another couple days there, then I fly back from Salt Lake City. It will be a bit of an ordeal, just because there are so many weather and traffic variables, so the element of surprise will definitely exist a little.

Here are a few logical and a few very illogical things I am worried/thinking about for this trip. First, the logical:
-Road food: eating on the go is inherently dangerous, especially eating on the go and then just s.i.t.t.i.n.g. for hours. I'll need to be thoughtful about things or else my tummy will just give up the ghost.
-Being driven insane: small car, 3 family members, no one gets out alive. Enough said.
-Disregarding training: We'll have a weird schedule, and probably several late nights. I NEED to run, walk, bike, whatever during this time. I will do some sort of workout with Kim in KC, depending on how deadly hot it is, and will try and get up early every morning and just run at or from the hotel.
-Weird sleep schedule: again with the late nights.

Now, some illogicalness. Illogicality. Illogictude?
-Blood clots in my legs: it could happen! There are stories of marathoners getting emobolisms on flights to and from their races. I know the odds of this are slim to none but for some reason I'm worried about it.
-Turning into a blimp: I retain water like a champ. Give me french fries, and I will give you shorts that don't fit. Must avoid.
-Leg atrophy: if I miss one/two/three runs, my leg muscles will no longer work. Because that's how physiology works in my silly mind.

So that's that. I'll keep everyone up to date with as much blogging as possible between car rides and hotel stays. And I'll definitely keep track of my running so we all see how much I slack off.

Yesterday's run was almost sabotaged! It was rainy and thundering, but I ventured out anyways. The run was not good at all because I stupidly wore mesh shorts that were seemingly designed to soak up moisture. They were soaked and heavy within a few minutes. My ankle was yelling at me pretty loudly from the start. But I powered through 5 verrrry slow miles.

Kim (she is a student in chiropractic school, a blogger and a runner!) gave me some physical therapy moves to try for my ankle, and I did some last night just to see how they would feel, and to assess my range of motion/what exactly hurts. I have determined that my range of motion is crappy and everything hurts. Oh well, knowledge is power? I iced it and took some Vitamin I and today it feels not too different. Sigh. Maybe lots of rest in the car will be a good thing! Or my foot will atrophy and fall off :) Time will tell!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


And the living is sweaty! Yesterday afternoon was a miserable 100 degrees and humid, so I opted for the treadmill. I have mixed feelings about the treadmill, because on one hand it is 'easier,' as in I feel I put in less effort, but there is a mental aspect that makes it more difficult because there are no distractions- no naturally occuring hills, or cars or other pedestrians. However, there is trashy TV. I watched Millionaire Matchmaker and it was SO GOOD. I wish I didn't love that show, but I really really do. It made the 3 miles pass even more quickly than they would have otherwise. I usually do lots of mental countdowns on the treadmill (5% done, 1000 seconds left, 12% done, etc.) but I sort of zoned out and just let my attention shift to the tv. Is that a bad thing? I was going pretty quick (for me) and I definitely was still in tune with what my legs are doing. Mostly because my left foot/ankle continues to ache... arg.

I then had the best. dinner. ever. I cannot get enough scrambled eggs and black beans. If I die of some vitamin deficiency, it is because that is all I ever want to eat. I also had peas. Ok, maybe my diet will consist of peas, eggs, and beans. I could do worse? My mom told me about one of the many disturbing TLC shows out there, and this one depicted people who ate strangely. One woman only ate french fries.... really?! Of all the foods to eat exclusively, you choose something that unappealing (I'm un-American and think most french fries are a waste of the jaw exertion needed to chew them).

Although I am concerned about my foot, I am making the non-conservative decision to ignore it and keep running. It is such a weird, inexplicable pain that I don't know what else to do.. I'm being silly, but I know a physician would most likely tell me that I just need to stay off it. If even swimming made it hurt, then what am I to do? We shall see how this plays out.

I'll get my 5 miles in today, somehow, but I am not sure yet if it will be indoors or outdoors.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ranting and raving

I've been might complainy lately, I know. But I have just a little more to do. I'll bullet it so the complaints will just fly by like they never happened.
  • It was already 74 degrees and 90% humidity when I left the house at 6:20 this morning.
  • I left the house at 6:20 this morning
  • My ankle is hurting almost like it did last week when I first injured it. Ugh. Also, the little muscles I think of as stability muscles (sides of ankles) are wicked sore.
  • It will be 100 degrees and humid today so I'm not sure how I'm going to run. Not to be a wuss, but I'm not sure that's safe to do and I'd rather not make myself miserable in the name of 3 miles (am I just making excuses?)
Now, some good things:
  • I am pleasantly sore all over my upper body from swimming. I'm kind of savoring the muscle soreness to try and distract from the ankle pain. And it feels oh so good to stretch. Judge me not, coworkers, this funny squirming makes me happy!
  • I have soup today for lunch and it's a new kind I have not had before. I'm in love with soup at lunch because it fits my cheap/easy/filling requirements so nicely.
  • I am looking at treadmills online today. I love shopping.
  • I get to go get prescription sunglasses today. I'm getting a consultation for laser eye surgery and will not be able to wear my contacts for 2 weeks. I have regular glasses but will need sunglasses for running outside
  • 3 work days and then 1 week of vacation!
  • I get to move into my new rental house (sort of) (sort of move in, not sort of a house) on Thursday! Hooray!
See, life is not so bad. I have more positive bullets han negative bullets. Positivity wins!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Playing catch up

I kind of don't feel like recapping my weekend. I had a really great weekend for everything non-running related. I went bowling, attended the Annapolis Irish Festival, a bachelorette party, and a friendly poker game.

A few notes about that little recap: 1) is it sad I needed to check my Google Calendar to remember what I did on Friday? That is nearly 72 hours ago, I can't be expected to remember... right? 2) I won $7 at poker!!! I actually held my own. It was glorious. 3) I STILL blow at bowling. There is definitely not a 'practice makes perfect' silver lining for me there. Here's some pics:

All of our shoes together? Yeah I don't know. I think I was the top left point of the star. This picture is silly but I like it.

Yeah... I'm 'L'... umm in my defense this was the first game, so I had not yet gotten into my bowling stride. Because that exists for me? Second game I got 101! woo triple digits.

This is Laurel-ese for "bowling? eh? never heard of it, thus why I am doing so poorly! Do not judge!" One of my coworkers/lane partners actually said "So you've never bowled before?" like he legitimately didn't think I had ever picked up a bowling ball. Oy.

So anyways. That's that. It was a weekend. I did some running but not enough. I am heavily influenced by my emotions, and I let them win this weekend. On a side note, I did move all of my belongings into my parents garage? At least everything is in a central location now! I am reminding myself that not every run is the be all and end all. I will recover.

Today I swam... ohh how I love swimming! Here is a face that might say otherwise:

I was trying to capture goggle face... I think I mostly just got my major puffiness factor. Am I getting jowls? What's going on there? I swam 1600 meters plus a 250 cool down in 40 minutes. Not fast, but it felt good.. oh, except for my stupid left foot is still bothering me. I have no idea why it is still hurting, it is a new part of the foot that hurts now, and it is less of an ache and more of a pain/feels like it needs popping almost. I'll keep an eye on it... it is too soon into training to be hurt!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Last year, I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon and trained for it half-heartedly for much of the summer. I never really increased long run mileage or stuck to a schedule, even though I had one. I injured myself by not training consistently. I sucked all summer, and then unsurprisingly I was not at all ready for the Marathon and didn't run it.

I think that whole experience has given me a bit of a complex. My internal monologue ranges between self-effacing ('Oh I'm really not all that good at XYZ') to self-deprecating ('I suck'). That was before last year's training failure, so since then? My running confidence is nil. Every bad run is a reason to doubt myself, and because of that doubt I think a lot of mediocre runs are classified as bad. Even worse, I think I psych myself out until my body is convinced it can't do it. Mind over matter FTL.

This is heavy, I know.

So this year, not only am I a little thinner (easier on the joints, yay!), I'm also in better shape overall. I'm more settled in my job, if not at all settled in my life, so my schedule is a lot more regular. I have been running more regularly prior to starting my marathon training, and now that it has started I have been more consistent in actually getting out there and doing the workouts-- to a point. I've had several crappy runs that I have attributed to heat/fatigue/injury but all of them have also had the added element of psyching myself out until I didn't think I could do it. On one of them my breathing wigged out enough that my dad had to come and get me. What is that?

So. What am I going to do about it? I'm going to keep doing what I have been doing- go out and start every run with intention to complete it. Push myself (I'm bad at this)- I can always, always, do another 0.1 miles or 60 seconds or to the next light pole. Stop the negative self-talk. Run SLOW if I have to. Eat and sleep enough that food and rest are not an issue (since when did I become someone who needs to be reminded to eat? I am weird.).

Then, this will totally be me:
That's Deena Kastor. We're pretty much the same person. Umm.. actually I think we're not even the same species. But a girl can dream,

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My left foot

I feel like pictures of my feet are becoming pretty commonplace. This blog may start attracting a new type of traffic. Here's my swollen ankle, day 4ish:

Still lacking that much coveted ankle definition in the left ankle, but I think it's getting better? It still hurts... and now the pain is sort of in my shin. Ack. I do not need shin splints/sprained ankle/slow deterioration of my extremities. Not good for week 2!

Shin pain could also be from 5 miles on the treadmill yesterday. It had been a while since I had been on the treadmill, so maybe just the change of surface? Side note: how is it possible for me to watch the same episodes of America's Next Top Model a half a dozen times and not get bored? I feel like that's some sort of talent. Just not a marketable one.

KAYAKING is looking less likely, as it is a thunderstorm-y week. Fingers are crossed, since I feel like I need to kayak a little more frequently to develop any proficiency. Turns out my aunt and uncle are enthusiasts, so I may be talking to them soon about purchasing a kayak.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Injured adventures

Oh what a way to start off my second week of marathon training- hurt. Arg. Here is an ankle picture from yesterday:

 So maybe you can't tell, but my left ankle has lost all definition (I wish that was something people liked to have defined- I might not have a 6-pack, but check out my ankles!). Also, look at my skirt! My mom bought that for me. So cute.

I ran yesterday for 31 minutes. Minutes? Not miles, you ask? No, not miles because for the first time, my Garmin failed me. I think I asked it to acquire satellites too early (still indoors) and so it got some really weak signals. It said my first mile was slower than 13 minutes miles, and then kicked up around 9:30. So unreliable. Instead, I just ignored it and babied my ankle, going pretty pokey for 31 minutes. I am still pretty sure I did around 3 miles, which was my goal for yesterday anyways.

Today... 5? Maybe? The ankle is sore still, and even more swollen than yesterday, now with a little discoloration too. I don't know what's going on. I plan on just taking it slow and easy today and continuing my icing/ibuprofen diet. It doesn't seem to be getting worse, really, and since I can't really link it to an injury I'm just dealing with it.

In other news, aside from the cute skirt my mom bought me, I also went on a wee spending spree... oops? I got this awesome Coach watch:
It is cute and dressy but not too dressy. I like to spruce it up by putting a 2 cent hair tie next to it. Juxtaposition. It's my form of social commentary. Or something.

I'm also going KAYAKING again tomorrow, weather permitting. I like active evening activities, and I like upper body work that doesn't involve the suffix '-up'. My one kayak outing several weeks ago was really fun so I'm looking forward to doing it again. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long weekend

My brain is not working! HELP! Work is a huge challenge today because I can't seem to think about work related things. I suck.

Let's see. So it was 4th of July? Hmm. It was pleasant, it just didn't feel very 4th-y. I went to watch fireworks in a less crowded/trafficy area, with no music, so I think the whole thing was a little anticlimactic. I also saw fireworks at a friend's house on Sunday night, and last weekend at a baseball game. They're super awesome but I think maybe I got a little desensitized.

I ran. A little. I'm not too proud of either of my runs this weekend, but they did the trick. Not quite as much mileage as I would have liked. I also tweaked my ankle pretty badly on Sunday (maybe? I don't know when it happened) and woke up on Monday with it quite swollen. I'm still planning on running 3 miles today but if it hurts too bad I won't push it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The road home.

Since you know I love timelines, here's one from yesterday, about my journey home from Chicago to Baltimore-Washington Airport.

4:15pm: go to mall, wander around looking for gifts for my coworker to take back to his family.
5:00pm: decide we're bored, it doesn't hurt to get to airport early, who knows, there might be traffic, O'Hare is a BIG airport, lots to do, etc. etc.
5:30pm: drop off rental car. No traffic to speak of.
6:00pm: at airport. Flight isn't until 8:25. Nothing to do. Real picture of the ensuing boredom begins to develop.
6:03pm: get yelled at by a security employee because my carryon is too big to be carried on. At this point, I'm a little emotional from other nonsense going on, and this makes me cry. I know I'm almost 26, but for reals, once I get a little upset it's easy to push me over the edge. After I cry, I check my bag and head to security.
6:40pm: Um, security at O'Hare? You officially suck. I swear the people in front of me in line each had 11 carry-ons, and I couldn't have my one? You are not my friend. Also, you're slow. Suck it, security.
6:45-8pm: wander, text, call, eat, browse, wander, pace, wander wander wander. I was getting antsy to get home and around 7:45 they announced our plane was delayed. This made me start pacing the terminal in my work clothes and shoes. Actual thought I had "eh, my feet hurt now but I'll be HOME in just a couple hours! I can tough it out."
8:25pm (original departure time): plane still delayed. Plane has arrived but no action appears to be taken to get it going. Pace some more.
9:00pm: finally board plane. Sit on plane.
9:00-11:35pm: sit on plane, taxi, bond with fellow travelers, get yelled at by flight attendant for wanting to use the bathroom (In case you weren't aware of this, the fasten seatbelt sign is the airline's way of covering its behind when you're taxiing- they don't want you falling over when you stand up, so they turn on the little light. If you do get up, you will get yelled at, but she won't stop you from doing what you need to do).
11:35pm: take off, 3 hours late. There might have been more crying at this point.
2:40-4:30am: land, cry again, get my checked bag, shuttle to car, drive home.
4:30-10:30: sleep, dream of a really big laundromat.

So that's my travel story from hell. I know it could have been worse, but the flight attendant was particularly mean so the whole process was made that much more unpleasant (a complaint has been filed). I'm really happy to be home and I had today off work. I helped my mom with some errands, ran 3.2 miles, and walked another 4.5 or so with my mom. So I'm still on track for workouts even though I missed yesterday. Tonight is low key sleepy time so I can wake up early tomorrow and get in a run before its hot.

...I always say that. This time I actually mean it though!


I swear I didn't actually call it that when I was there. Anyways, I'm home successfully from Chicago. Let's have some photos:
I think I'm cute. Also, high ponytail is my way of being in denial about needing a haircut badly. That dress is a size 4 and I cannot move my arms in it. But it is adorbs.
 We went to Taste of Chicago on Wednesday night and it was delicious. I was starving, as was noted in my previous post, so I devoured an eggplant parm sandwich in about 35 seconds, followed by cheese bread, some carrot and celery sticks, fries, and cheesecake. In my defense, I now know how Chicago tastes. It is yummy. My coworkers, as previously mentioned, were not into eating tons of 'unhealthy' food so I had to show them how it was done. I hope I did.
 It was in Grant Park, where I took this photo of a fountain. Pretty. Also, Chicagoans? Do you always put on your finest for the Wednesday night food festival? I saw some outfits.
Skyline pics. And the last pic is the amphitheater in Grant/Centennial park from a distance.
Cool swoopy metallic bridge to amphitheater.
Theater pics. 
That was my poorly photographed Chicago experience. Those last couple are some of the coolest buildings ever. They're just really neat. I didn't really know that Chicago was known for its architecture, but man, cool structures everywhere you look. The city has a lot of personality. We drove around looking for the (former) Sears Tower after eating, and could not find it. Um, tall buildings were all around us. How were we supposed to see the tallest one? We asked directions from an officer of the law but none of us paid sufficient attention to actually get there.

The rest of the conference, which ended Thursday afternoon, was uneventful, aside from me pretty much dying of hunger every 2 hours. I wanted to get in a run, which was on my schedule for Thursday, but the stars did not align to allow it. That's fancy speak for "I was lazy and slept until 30 minutes before I had to be doing stuff." Instead I ate everything in sight, again, and paced the terminal while waiting for a plane. But that's a tale for another post. (don't let the suspense kill you, it's not worth it :) )

Wednesday blargh

I was on travel this week, so here's a fun post from Wednesday. I'll recap more later... or not.

Wednesday blog

Geez, send me outside of Maryland and suddenly I abandon my blog.

First, the fun stuff. Monday I biked 8.5 miles quickly then had sushi and beer. I'm not sure why those are included in my workout, but they are. Tuesday I traveled, ate sporadically and poorly (stupid lunchtime plane ride + time change + rental car pickup + traffic. Basically all elements converged on me not eating from 8am until 5pm eastern time! That's WAY. TOO. LONG.). I got in a 3.1 mile run when I got to the hotel, feeling pretty relaxed and good. Wednesday I intended on running in the morning, but the stars aligned to prevent that- I ordered in-room breakfast and had to be here when it arrived, right? Right. Instead I lazed about at my conference all day, then skipped out a little early (rebel rebel) to run. The hotel I'm at has a 3 mile loop that I was told was good.. well it was lovely, but hot, and somehow there was a complete lack of shade. I did the loop once, slooowlly, then headed inside and did 3 more miles on the treadmill. I feel pretty accomplished and one million percent starving as I sit in my room waiting to join coworkers for dinner. I'd totally go get a sandwich if there was anywhere remotely close, but we're in a suburban maze of gorgeous McMansions and not much else.

I'm hoping for some sightseeing tonight, or at least a high quality dinner, but my coworkers are all doing weight loss/diety things so I end up looking like a piggie when I eat like a normal person. Arg. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth about the desserts at lunchtime. I only get tiny catered cannoli so often, I'm going to eat one! And it will be wonderful!

In summary, I am 3 for 3 on workouts this first week of training, yay me. Hopefully the momentum continues!