Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet dreams.

Ready to have your heart warmed? Brace yourself, it's a good one.

So, my lost wallet? FOUND. The end. Happy story.

Details? Ok, if I must. So Monday late at night I was trying to keep myself awake and I went for a drive and to get gas. When I stopped for gas, the swipe dealie at the pump was not functional, so I had to go inside to pay. Mistake #1. He had me leave my card with him. I went out to pump my gas, came back for my card and in between, somehow left my wallet somewhere. Where it was left is still unknown. I realized just before work Tuesday night that it was missing, and ran around quickly to check the places it might be. No luck.

Brings us to this afternoon. I had thoroughly scoured my car, the gas station parking lot, called the county and state sheriff's offices, bugged the gas station manager, driven up and down the road, driven some more, played I Spy with my brother, and had zero success. So, I was headed to the motor vehicles association (Maryland likes to call the DMV the MVA because they're weird) with my brother and feeling pretty crappy about life, when I get an email on my phone. It was a Facebook message. From someone I didn't know, telling me she worked at the gas station down the street from the one I had been at on that fateful night, and someone had turned in a wallet to her... so she facebooked me! I completely freaked out. I mean, there is no way all the stuff would still be in it, right?

False. It was complete, down to the small amount of cash that had been in it. Holy moly. I am so so fortunate that amazing people like the person who turned in my wallet exist... I find it hard to believe, still, even hours later. I am so lucky, and so happy. I just about hugged the gas station employee. Today went from a very frustrating day (DMV, ick) to a really, really inspiring day (people, yay!).

I trekked home and was high on life (and coffee). I figured man, running right now would be beyond awesome, I bet I'll just sail along. Famous last words. It was a muggy, painful run that was just generally not too successful. I did about 3.5 miles before calling it quits. This has not been the best running week, I am hoping next week (marathon training week 1, woohoo!) is a big improvement. I might just be in a slump... I am definitely unusually tired and my eating and sleeping have been thrown off because of night shift. Boo night shift. That seems to be the moral of every post this week...  but also, hooray Good Samaritans!

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