Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh summer...

You are so steamy.

I was thinking about what I had to say about my run from yesterday when I read this article. My favorite part is:
Today's run might just be a run. I take it in as a point of data on an elaborate matrix. I don't try to assign a meaning to it. I have faith that somewhere, sometime, it will matter. 
I mean, really, I don't need to overanalyze the fun out of things. I ran on the treadmill and watched House. It was enjoyable. That's that. I didn't run extra fast or extra long or anything, and I felt fine about it. I have a feeling today's run (3 miles, this time I'll really be using my new Garmin Forerunner 405CX!!) will be along the same lines. They're not all deal breakers, and they don't have to be. It's all part of a bigger training plan.

Of course, my legs do hurt today, but I am sure it is not from an unusual effort in running but instead from leg lifts, squats and wall sits. My hips are especially achy. It's not debilitating but I've managed to spend my. entire. day. in meetings and every time I stand up from an office chair, I swear I can hear creaking. Need to make a conscious effort to walk around more during the day!

That is all... I've got a new struggle to figure out- how to run late enough in the day that it is not deadly hot out (after 6pm... preferably later) without ruining my appetite for dinner until too close to bedtime. Tuesday night I didn't finish eating until 8:30 pm and then just laid in bed trying to will myself to digest breadsticks faster. Blech.

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