Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nightshift woes

I'm a big old wuss about my sleep schedule, if you haven't figured that out yet. Deviations from normal make me crotchety, sad, and generally unpleasant. So here's a little scenario... read it, and guess how I'm feeling today:

lay down in bed to 'read,' probably fell asleep within 20 minutes (side note- I WAS totally in love with the book The Maytrees by Annie Dillard... until I got about halfway through. Love gone awry. Her writing is amazing though)

Alarm goes off to wake up and feed the birds.. ignore alarm for an hour while it snoozes and generally keeps me from sleeping soundly.

Get out of bed, feed animals, including a very reluctant fish. Make bargains with fish. Offer fish money. Fish declines and refuses to eat. I cry.

Lay in bed. Will myself to sleep. Sleep declines. I cry.

Toss, turn, dream about meeting No Doubt (wish I was kidding, alas I am not).

Arise, realize I have wayyyy too much to do if I need to get to work at 9pm. Walk around COMPLETELY disoriented, put on running clothes. I went for my run except my watch was absolutely possessed. I started hauling it out the door, and the watch claimed I was doing 10:20 miles. I begged to differ, so it immediately responded by upping my pace to 6:20 miles. W.T.F. I got unnecessarily angry and decided to run based on time. I gave up after 10 minutes because I stressed myself out about the time constraints I had for the day and turned around and went home. I'm a big old quitter lately.

Errands. Getting ready for work. Come to terms with being at work at 9:30 instead of 9.

Realize I've lost my wallet between getting gas at midnight and that moment. Wig out. Wig some more. Realize I can't do anything about it until later, and who knows, it might turn up in that time. I get over any wiggy feelings fairly quickly. I know that might be a dumb response, but none of my credit cards have any activity on them, so I'm crossing my fingers my wallet is just under my seat. I cry anyways.

Get to work. Realize I have to stay at work for at least 8 hours. I cry.

That brings us to now, 2:38am. I'm actually surprisingly perky physically (Red Bull, you make me so happy even though you are overprocessed and bad for me), I am just an absolute mess mentally, draggy and slow. This was not an easy nightshift transition for me, hopefully this won't last too long. Happy... Wednesday? Ish?

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