Friday, June 3, 2011

New watch!

Yesterday I ran with my awesome new Garmin. I say awesome because it tracked how far I ran. I think I would use a word other than awesome to really describe the full watch experience. A brief timeline:
Tuesday: got watch. plugged it in to charge before bed. left plugged in for a few hours.
Wednesday: ran inside, didn't use watch.
Thursday: went to use watch. dead. plugged in for 40 minutes or so until I had a 25% charge, then tried to do some setup. Could not figure out the freaking bezel. Got frustrated. Used salty language. Drained the battery trying to setup the damn watch. Plugged back in for several more minutes so at the very least I could use it to run.

Running with the watch was neat, but since I haven't actually figured out how it works yet, I am sure I didn't really use all the features.. I was supposed to do 3 miles, so I started the watch then walked a bit to warm up. I hit the lap button when I began running and looked down as I neared 1 mile of running to hit the lap button again... and wonders of technology, it knew I wanted to know my mile time and called it a lap without even making me press anything. The watch also made a very pleasant ding. My first mile was 9:00! Speedy me. I was absolutely fascinated by watching the miles tick by during mile 2, and slowed down a bit. I think it was 9:44 (yes, I know I can download all my info from the watch to my computer. I will figure out how to do that... sometime). Mile 3 was mid-9 minutes. The weather was really lovely and slightly chilly even by the time I got home. Nice change of pace. I'm walking with my mom today, most likely, so I might try and wear the heart rate monitor and see how it feels and works. Hooray technology!

My run was enjoyable, but the aftermath was terrible. I know I have tummy issues that I need to work out, and I'm wondering if I have a weird food allergy. I'm leaning towards no, because my tummy issues are pretty directly related to working out. It is just MISERABLE though to spend a few hours after a run being oh-so-uncomfortable and I think that's part of why I have not been eating quite as well as I should be, and why I'm dropping poundage like a fiend. I should not complain about losing weight, but I know I'm doing it the wrong way so I need to actually focus on nutrition. And figure out my tummy issues :(

I'm considering doing a 5K tomorrow morning... my Saturday runs are supposed to be 5 miles, but I find a 5K is an easier way for me to actually get out of bed and run, so is 3.1 miles legit since it means I'm running instead of laying in bed? I think so.

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