Saturday, June 18, 2011

Le sigh

After a week of delightfully cool days and impressive thunderstorms, I am welcomed into the weekend with this:
Umm... weather? Why you gotta be acting like summer (again) all of a sudden? You would think that a dedicated runner like myself (ha!) would see that increasing temp and hustle herself out the door before it got too hot/muggy/stormy. You would be wrong. Instead, I shall blog about how I'm not running. Blogging about blogging. So meta.

Here's a pic of our baby parakeet:

I call him Baby Dinosaur because he is very reptilian. He's getting very slightly feathered now (he's 9 days old) but he still looks like a little lizard with wings. He is the cutest thing I've everrrr seen. We really did not want to have our parakeets reproducing (we have 5!) but they had other ideas. I've gotta say, I'm pretty happy that Mama parakeet somehow hid this egg from my mother, because I am in love with this incredibly ugly/cute baby. He doesn't have any feathers on the top part of his head. I worry he'll never get any and he'll look like a monk.

I really do plan on running today... I might have to treadmill it though. Get my trashy tv fix for the day, a workout, AND air conditioning? I think I might.

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