Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heat waveeeeee

Sometimes I catch myself just being whiny about the weather, just because I'm feeling grouchy and the weather is something easy to bitch about. In this case, however, I am pretty sure I am justified in my complaining because it was 90ish yesterday and almost 90 today and the humidity has been through the roof. My dad was staining the deck yesterday and the stain was beading up because the air was already so moist. That was delightful. My run yesterday was sweltering so I cut it short. I did around 25 minutes when I should have done 30. This week's goal: do a workout every day I am supposed to, even if I don't complete the workout exactly as planned. This means that my 5 miler today may be more like a 4 miler due to heat, but I'll still definitely get out there and do SOMETHING just to get my legs used to activity 6 days a week.

Heading back to work has been a shock to the system and the last couple nights I've slept really poorly, so hopefully that will change. I honestly would take 7 nights of really good sleep over a 3 day weekend if that is really the tradeoff that needs to occur. I know that's totally sacriligious but it is true.

I have a new GPS watch... cheap me finally coughed up some cash and bought a Garmin 405CX in blue (it was NOT that expensive... Amazon FTW). I haven't used it yet but it should be charged up and ready for my run today.. maybe I'll go extra far because it'll be such a joy to use :)

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