Thursday, June 9, 2011


I realize no one actually wants to read about the 5 miles I ran on the treadmill yesterday. It was on a treadmill, absolutely nothing happened. Except I got to watch House! Which is fluff- my favorite kind of entertainment. How about something other than me telling you I put one foot in front of the other for 5 miles?

I read other blogs and they have lists... I love lists. Crossing something off a list is usually better than actually accomplishing the thing. So here's a list of:

5 things I am looking forward to this weekend:

1. 7 mile long run. I did 6.25 last week, I know I have 7 in me, so it'll be cake. I just need to find time. Which brings me to my second item!

2. Work activities! My workplace is pretty big (>800 employees) and there are a fair number of events. This year, they're all happening on the same weekend. Friday is a site picnic, Saturday is a department party, and Sunday is a softball tournament. All of these things combined make for a busy, fun weekend. I'm excited.

3. Related to the Saturday party- JET SKIS! YES. My coworker has jet skis. And I will ride them. I love going quickly on vehicles, and going fast in the water is even better because it is (relatively) safe.

4. Eating a bunch. I've been a wee bit neurotic about my eats this week because of the work party/bikini occurence that is looming (yes, I know I don't lose a substantial amount of weight by eating carefully for a week.. but I feel better!). This weekend is going to be fun and hopefully have lots of food options for me so I can relax. I know I shouldn't go all out detoxing then go crazy on the weekend, but this is a special weekend.

5. (not technically the weekend, this is happening today) Kayaking! I like going slowly in vehicles as well, I love being on the water. It is also an excellent way to cross train and get some Michelle Obama shoulders.
If I weren't kayaking, I would be forced to run the 3 miles I have on my schedule, and it'll be over 100 degrees today. I think kayaking with a gentle breeze on the water sounds like a way better plan.

So hooray. I'm pretty excited for all these things. It promises to be epic... if I can just make it through work today and tomorrow.

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