Sunday, June 19, 2011

Deep thoughts.

Randomness. Paragraphs are just not happening today.
-I'm getting lots of compliments on my teeth lately. I have no idea why.
-Two nights in a row, I've dreamt about buying new sheets. I think this has to do with me finding a new place to live (YAY!) so maybe I'm just thinking extra about housewares. Ah, sheets. They make me happy...

-Saturday's run... ugh. hot. Lazy. I had to confront my own mortality after about 1.5 miles and just bail. I give myself an A for effort.
-I made banana bread.. it is amazing even though we didn't have quite enough sugar. Mmm, banana bread:

-I was browsing through my old posts and noticed I was taking some pretty delightful pics of my spider bite there for a while. That's clearly the element that has been missing from this blog. So here you go:

Yup, it's still there.
-I saw X-Men... it was entertaining, but overall I was unenthused.

Aaaand... that's all I got. Today's long run WILL happen... later.

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